Peacock Blend

Custom Blend Medium Roast

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Peacock Blend

Peacock Blend is comprised of two coffees that epitomize opposite ends of the coffee flavor spectrum. Bright and sweet Ethiopian coffee meets the full-bodied and earthy characteristics of coffee from Southeast Asia to create an approachable, balanced medium roast.


Full Bodied, Sweet, Balanced


  • Increased

    According to Sports Medicine, caffeine before a workout helps athletes "train at a greater power output and/or train longer".

  • Accelerates
    Fat Loss

    When it's consumed before exercise, it can cause fat cells to be used as an energy source as opposed to "glycogen".

  • Improves

    Black coffee helps you improve your mental focus, keeping you productive and effective during your workouts and beyond!

  • Helps Decrease
    Muscle Pain

    The University of Georgia found that a moderate dose of caffeine (around two cups of coffee) reduced post-workout pain by up to 48 percent, which makes sense because caffeine is a main ingredient in a lot of pain relievers.

Black Rock and Street Parking have teamed up to bring a specially crafted roast for the Street Parking crew.

It started as a chance conversation on an airplane about fitness and the busy lifestyle of business owners, and quickly became a relationship between two companies with a shared vision for making a difference in the lives of people they serve. When it comes to coffee, we encourage Street Parking members to ditch loading sugar into their drinks, but we know that requires a tasty brew. After several batches of tastings, we crafted our own version of a medium/light roast that we think is too delicious on its own to sweeten.

With the Peacock Blend, we’re excited to bring you the coffee that will #fuelyourstory

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