The 4G's of Black Rock

  • Grit

    Grit is that unshakable voice inside that pushes you forward through the hard things and that says you are building a better future that you just can't quite see yet. This is the team member that shows grit when things are tough. They always get the job done with passion and perseverance leading the way through tough times.

  • Growth

    This team member has shown tremendous growth in becoming a Rock Star Black Rock employee. They have grown in their customer service and their knowledge about all operations.

  • Gratitude

    Living in Gratitude and keeping a thankful perspective gives us the push that we need to believe in the good that is coming, and to believe in ourselves when an opportunity arises. The Grateful team member exudes joy. They love to serve others and love to push every conversation, every interaction and every situation into a positive direction.

  • Grace

    No one gets up in the morning with the intent to do their job poorly, no one intends to let the struggles that they are experiencing sabotage them. This team member looks for ways to help and encourage others. They seek to understand others and they act with humility.



Aidan Wyse

Dysart & Thomas

We choose this employee because he has shown the most growth as he always shows all 4Gs. He is my youngest employee while he is one of the fastest most hard working employees! He wants to graduate high school to become an assistant one day! He takes initiative to get tasks and chores done. I'm so proud of how much he has grown over the past 6 months. He makes everyone laughs, gets along with everyone, and always strives to be in 1st place on the weekends especially. He puts so much effort into his closes and always looks so beautiful the next morning! He constantly is trying to improve himself with speed, quality, his school work and customer service! All of our regulars literally love him! So proud of him and all that he is capable of!


Alec Donn

Happy Valley

I chose Alec because he is an amazing example of what it means to be a Black Rock barista. Throughout the first few months of working at BR I could see him growing as a barista working hard to fine tune his skills. And now every time he enters the shop with positive energy, kindness, and a hard working spirit that’s contagious to all those around him.


Becca Hughes

35th & Greenway

I am nominating Becca Hughes from 35th greenway. Over the last few month she has really stepped up in all areas for the team. She is a strong leader, a friend, and someone personally I and my assistant can always count on. She works hard and gives 110% every shift. She is always helping in anyway she can. She has the kindest heart and pours into the community and our crew. I am so excited for her to continue to grow with the company and one day have her own store and crew to build! She truly has set the bar and continues to be an example to all employees in store. Whether she’s helping with store lead duties, training new employees, workin it on the window, she is someone I and the crew can trust to hold it down! Not to mention her bar skills!!! This girl rocks those $1,000 hours no problem! Not only am I proud of what she does every day for our crew, I am proud of who she is as a person and the way she is able to fuel the story of our community!


Callie Nagel

Power & Ray

Callie has come so far from when I first met her. From working along side her as a barista and then becoming her manager it has been awesome to watch her push herself. At the end of last year she had a rough patch and was not doing very great mentally. It was affecting her being on time for work and giving her best customer service. After her and I had a conversation about leaving work and home separate, things changed dramatically. Instead of being late or rushing in 30 seconds to spare, she is now showing up 5 minutes early. She handles herself very well in confrontation on window and gives it her all to make every customer satisfied. I can’t say enough about her growth over the past 3 months.


Cameron Rice

Alma School & Ocotillo

Cameron has always been a very hard worker. Once clocked in, Cam had a switch that would not turn off, always moving and always doing what he could do for the crew. However, he has shown major growth. Prior to working at Black Rock, Cam had zero barista experience and yet, quickly became a leader in our store because he had grown to be a barista that was nonstop, very knowledgeable, and very conscientious of how he worked. Cameron has always had the customer service side but quickly grew into an awesome barista that Black Rock will always appreciate. Thank you for all you do Cam!


Codi Videan

Val Vista Queen Creek

Codi since day one has been our go to. Has leadership qualities and is always the hardest worker in the room. Cares about her co workers and the customers. You can’t teach work ethic the way Codi works. She goes above and beyond if what’s expected


Daylinn Dailey

Division 182nd

Daylinn shines when she is interacting with customers!! She is also incredible with communicating with her coworkers while hustling on bar! This is not only her first coffee job, but her first job anywhere! And she is KILLIN it! She has come out of her shell and grown so much as a barista and team player. She has always taken feedback well and allowed herself room for growth as a barista. She isn’t afraid to ask questions to know more, and to do better! And she does just that, always growing and doing better. Aka doing amazing! Daylinn is a gem.


Ethan Henderson

Crismon & Baseline

Ethan is more than deserving of this quarter’s 4G nomination, and I have been so impressed with his desire to grow and better himself each day! He is always up for a challenge and is eager to learn the next thing. It has been so awesome to see Ethan grow as a barista and even just as a person over the past 9 months of working at BR. He makes me proud everyday, and I’m excited to continue to witness all that he’s capable of!


Hailey Atkeson

SW Store Manager

Over the last several months Hailey has grown into an amazing leader who constantly leads with a servant’s heart. She makes it her mission to take care of her crew and customers.

Hailey has always been one of BR’s best when it comes to being a positive light for the people around her. She finds a way to connect to every person she meets. It’s been amazing to watch her take on the challenge of still doing that as well as keeping her crew accountable, setting expectations and helping them grow as people and baristas.


Isabella Vernia

Hampton & Higley

Bella has shown incredible growth in this first quarter. Since hiring her, I quickly recognized the potential she had to become an asset to our store AND company. We recently had a conversation about leadership and if that was something she was interested in pursuing. She was excited and ready for the opportunity to have more responsibility. In the last month, she has learned how to do the till/bank drop and she’s currently learning how to take sysco orders. Not only is she learning the responsibilities of assistant management, but she has been essential in helping grow my crew in abilities and numbers. She has been working hard training our new hires and I am confident that they are excelling in part that she has been working with them and teaching them how the store functions efficiently when Faith and I aren’t there. A goal that she has set for herself is to be more assertive and carry herself as a leader in the store. As a result, my crew looks up to her and her influence. Faith and I are so proud of her growth and can’t wait to see her continue to become the leader she already is.


J’rell Williams

Pima & Thomas

J’rell (Jay) always brings culture on and off shift. He is kind to everyone around him and lifts others up with joy! He’s always working on how he can be better and takes constructive feedback very well. He also looks at the best in everyone; if someone doesn’t bring their 100% on shift, he does everything in his ability to love them where they are at and help mitigate the energy. Jay has easily shown the most growth by recently having a baby, getting only 3 hours of sleep at a time, yet still able to barely show it on shift and still be able to pour into his community around him.


Jenna Shatley

116th & Shea

I chose Jenna as employee of this Growth quarter because I’ve seen her step up in a big way by delegating and taking initiative to help things flow well on the floor while I am doing other things. She always has a positive attitude and has really grown into her vet position on the floor well. I’m excited to see how she will show up in the future as a great example for more BR trainees!


Leanne Olar

Lake Pleasant & Happy Valley

Leanne never fails to wake up with a purpose of only wanting to better someone else's day. She is so genuine and enthusiastic about anything she does ESPECIALLY when it comes to serving our community. She is always the one to go to when it comes for recommendations for anything! When you're walking into a shift with Miss Leanne, you know it's about to be a fun one!


Mary Kate Johnson

Thompson Peak & Bell

Goes above and beyond to make sure everything is running smoothly. Always the first to offer to help or to clean up a mess. Makes every shift easier for everyone!


Mia Renner

Tatum & Thunderbird

Mia stepped in the assistant lead role and came in on fire! She has shown a ton of growth since I first met her when I started working for BR. She has already made such great connections with the crew and is great at bringing a good energy to any shift!


Peyton Dustin

Ellsworth Loop

The amount of growth I have seen from this employee is mind blowing. Peyton has been with Black Rock for almost 6 months now and for being her first job EVER you would've never guessed. The way she interacts with our employees seems like she's been a barista for years. She has stepped up and done more than we could've ever asked in a time when the light at the end of the tunnel seemed miles away. I have never once not seen a smile on her face, she comes in ready to work everyday, and takes pride in the product that she delivers. I proudly choose Peyton Dustin to represent the Ellsworth Loop store :)


Ruby Garcia

Southern & Gilbert

I chose this employee because throughout her time here at Black Rock she has dramatically grown as an individual not only inside of work but outside as well. I truly believe black rock has helped her become more independent as a person and a lot more confident in herself. She continues to strive to be a better employee and is always trying to be as helpful as she can. She has the best attitude always and is always a great force of energy to work with.


Skylar Williams

SW Regional

Skylar is growing into an awesome leader. She constantly focuses on being 1% better every day both professionally and personally. Sky has helped grow the Scottsdale region from day 1 by opening stores, training baristas and pouring into her crews. Skylar takes a lot of pride in who she is and who’s she’s becoming and it’s a pleasure to watch the growth unfold.


Sydney Thacker

Williams Field

We think Sydney deserves the title for growth because since we opened she has been very proactive during shifts and other employees have noticed and followed along the same path. She has been one we can depend on to hang on bar with us during our peak hours and she absolutely kills it!! Sydney has taken us both by surprise on how much she has grown since day one with us!!


Tyler Rezapour

I-10 & Broadway

When Tyler got hired with my first round of Tempe trainees in October I wasn't sure how far he was going to make it. He had a rough start and was the person I spent the most time one on one with due to his inability to learn quickly. After a month or so though I saw incredible improvements, and this only happened because he cared enough to try his hardest every single day. He is now one of my top employees on bar and off, the growth he has shown in a short amount of time is amazing. He is super dedicated and hard working and I can't think of anyone who deserves this award more!


Zo Gonzalez

67th & Bell

Zo continues to grow everyday and love on his community. He is always wanting everyone to succeed to their greatness potential and has these great connections with our customers.



Anna Hovanetz

Broadway & Mineral

Anna has shown exceptional leadership with stepping in to be the Littleton’s store lead. She has adapted and thrived in all situations that have been thrown her way. Anna is a solid store lead and we are grateful to have her apart of our Colorado Black Rock team!


Dakota Abeyta

Union and Ulster

Kota is consistently dedicated and determined to improve her skills to make the team successful. She never fails to show up to work ready to give her best and brighten everyone’s days! :)


Jonah Smith


This is Jonah! He is always putting in the hard work and giving 110% even when he’s doing school and work full time. We can always count on him to help hold the team together and the customers love him! He always has the teams best interest in mind and helps put a smile on everyone's face.



Aspen Askew

Fairview & Etheridge

Aspen was hired in November and with no previous experience instantly became a leader in our stand! She works incredibly hard from the start of her shift until the end and even after. Aspen is always willing to help out in any way that she can and has grown an incredible amount in such a short time. She always has a positive and kind attitude and leaves everything at the door when she walks in for work! All of her coworkers and managers have nothing but good things to say about her and she is one of our most valuable employees. I am more than impressed with her as an employee and person so she was an obvious pick for this!


Eden Mostajo

Ustick & Cloverdale

Eden shows up to every shift with positive loving energy!! She is easy to teach and a great communicator. Eden is a leader by example and loved by all her coworkers + customers!


Harmony Corber

Idaho - Store Lead Pick

Harmony has displayed growth exponentially throughout the past few months in particular. She is always willing to step up and help everyone around her in any way that she can. She enters her shifts with an uplifting and positive attitude, and creates a fun environment for her team every day. Harmony is an outstanding leader, and has shined in her position as a store lead. We are all very lucky to have her as a part of our team here in Idaho. Way to go Harm! We love you! ✨🤘🏼


Makenna Sparks

Broadway & Howe

Kenna is one of the hardest workers I've ever met, and is a joy to be around. She radiates positivity and creates a welcoming work environment. She constantly encourages and pushes those around her to be better baristas and leaders. She loves coffee, her coworkers, and Black Rock!


Morgan Swanson

Fairview & Eagle

Morgan has always been an ALLSTAR employee, but she has really stepped it up while I've been over seeing two stores. Helping out my assistant, Lauren with tasks, training and overall keeping of the store! So lucky to have her as a coworker and friend! YAY MO!! We love u sissy!


Natalie White

Chinden & Linder

Natalie has stepped up and gone above and beyond this past month. She has stepped into a leadership role when she was needed so badly to. From covering shifts to helping lead with some other coworkers on bar and around the shop in general. She has helped train and teach new employees and sets a great example for what a punctual, persistent member of this team should be. We have so many customers who absolutely adore her, and even leave reviews about her remembering drinks. She has been an important part of this team and embodies how an outstanding barista builds relationships and carries out her duties.



Alexis Rodriguez


Alexis is someone who is always striving to be better and has the ability to make everyone she interacts with feel important. She is positive, hard working and goes above and beyond to help in any way she can, she cares about her job, enjoys being a part of Black Rock and it shows in all that she does.


Alli Nyquist

Lancaster DR

In the time Alli has been with us she has shown her ability to work hard, she shows up to every shift ready to give 100%. She is a full time student and still does anything she’s asked, is always willing to help and does it all with a smile. Alli has been a great asset in training new employees, she’s thorough and shows patience every step of the way. Simply put, Alli does everything whole heartedly and it shows in all that she does.


Andrew Lemos

Boyer 82nd

Andrew has been working at BR for 9 months and has just grown so much as a barista over the past few months. His closes are always perfect and he always has the best attitude.


Andrew Tubbin


Andrew has demonstrated strong communication and leadership skills since he began and has continued to do so. When under pressure he is quick to remain calm and work through it. He is someone who others can rely on and customers see as easy going and lighthearted. From seeing him across the counter with a friendly face to him becoming apart of the team he has shown growth in his skills on bar and with people and is someone others can look up to.


Berenice Mendoza


Berenice been amazing from the beginning, she’s an incredibly hard worker and is there every time help is needed. Her positive attitude is contagious to everyone around her. She is kind and patient with everyone she interacts with and is always striving to be better as both an individual and member of her team. Berenice is a loved member of the HWY34 family.


Calle Riesterer

Robal Ln.

Calle started at BR Only 3 months ago and has shown tremendous growth in that time. She has gotten to know all the regulars very quickly and she always has a positive attitude and is happy to come to work every day. She is growing more and more every day and I think that’s phenomenal, and an important aspect to have as a BR employee.


Catherine Kaye DelaChica

Harvey’s HWY 211th

This barista has shown growth and eagerness to learn since day one. She continues to asks questions and builds from constructive criticism.


Cleo Hodgin

Capitol & Barbur

It has been so amazing watching Cleo lean into her role and find her stride! Coming in as someone who didn’t have a lot of experience, her ability to make genuine and lasting connections with the people we are able to serve has been incredible. You can do clearly hear her heart while she is talking with people and getting to know them. Through a season that has presented so many different kinds of challenges, she has truly been such a blessing to my store, our team, and everyone she has a chance to hand a drink to through out the day!


Daylinn Dailey

Division 182nd

Daylinn shines when she is interacting with customers!! She is also incredible with communicating with her coworkers while hustling on bar! This is not only her first coffee job, but her first job anywhere! And she is KILLIN it! She has come out of her shell and grown so much as a barista and team player. She has always taken feedback well and allowed herself room for growth as a barista. She isn’t afraid to ask questions to know more, and to do better! And she does just that, always growing and doing better. Aka doing amazing! Daylinn is a gem.


Dillon Gonzalez

Maple 99

Dillon has been with us for two years now, he went from being a shy goofy kid into an amazing barista and guy. Since Day 1, he has pushed through obstacles to improve himself as an employee and barista. I can rely on him for anything! A true angel <3


Ethan Barros

Halsey & 122nd

Ethan is the chameleon in our store! He works great with each of his coworkers and can bond with every customer. He also is always asking questions, always clarifying gray areas, and always asking for feedback on if he’s working efficiently & effectively. Though Ethan has only been with us a few months, he can hold his own with the rest of us!


Ethan Evans

Burnside & Division

Ethan has shown incredible growth both with his skills on bar and his daily connections with customers. He makes it his goal every day to remember customers names and orders, and follow up with what’s going on in their world. His eagerness to learn and grow both as a barista and in life made him made our obvious choice for this nomination!


Hailey DeRoss

Garden Home & Oleson

She is consistently amazing with customers and makes the best connections, she’s always in the best mood, always has the best energy coming in to the store, is always finding something to do and finding some way to help!


Hannah Kent

Arlington 99

Hannah is new to our team and she has shown tremendous growth in her time with us! She is the sweetest and always willing to work. She excels in every part of her job while bringing a positive attitude to the shop!


Ivy Meyer

Clackamas 82nd

She’s the hardest worker who exemplifies the 4 G’s.

Growth: She’s willing to do whatever it takes to grow within the company and as a person herself. She isn’t afraid to ask questions and push herself towards her goals.

Grit: She is so strong and pushes herself to be a better barista everyday.

Gratitude: She never fails to give her all and show every customer and fellow coworker how much she appreciates them!

Grace: She handles every situation with a peaceful mind. She’s such a graceful human being and it really shines through!


Jonah Amaya

Naeve 99

My past year working with Jonah I’ve watched him become super confident with his bar skills and the interactions he has everyday with his customers. Not only is he a great employee to me but a great co worker and always makes everyone around him laugh and have a good time while slinging beans


Kai Knee

Eugene River Rd

Kai has been with BR since the beginning of January. Kai has been an awesome part of our team from learning the drinking making process and flow of BR so quickly! Kai has stepped up tremendously by always picking up shifts and always being someone we can always count on! Thank you for being so awesome, Kai!


Karsyn Disney

Forest Grove

Gratitude and Grace are words that perfectly describe Karsyn. She comes to work each day with a positive attitude and always strives to make every interaction and situation a positive one. She is always kind, understanding, and encouraging to her coworkers. Through the years of working at Black Rock, Karsyn has displayed Growth and Grit on many occasions. She’s a natural leader for newer baristas who may have questions regarding TouchPoint, recipes, or equipment. Once she starts a task, she does not quit until it is 100% completed and prides herself on hard work and dedication. Karsyn exemplifies all of the 4G characteristics on a daily basis and that is ultimately why I believe she is deserving of this award.


Kayla Hyppolite


I chose this employee because this employee has shown great growth throughout their employment here at Black Rock. Meeting Kayla I was new to managing this location with that I took over training and working with the new crew on flow and more so speed and customer service all at the same time. Throughout this time I could tell that Kayla was very cautious and very nervous when making drinks and or worrying about completing everything perfectly. I was even expressed through other employees that she thought that “she wouldn’t make a great barista” and then she didn't think she would make it to the morning shifts. Today I can officially say that she is one of my strongest leading barista's who not only performs a great work ethic but also maintains great customer service and helping train new hires when on shift all while going to college full-time. Kayla is a great example of growth!


Kevin Keenan

99 and 71st

I chose Kevin because he is a determined and the most willing employee. He is hard working on and off on the clock, very personable, and works exceedingly well with others. Kevin makes great connections with people and has a thorough conversations.


Keelie Grasley


This employee has really stepped up to the plate within the last few months here at Black Rock. She has gone out of her comfort zone and pushed herself to new limits for the success of the team. Not only is she an all star for our shop, but an extraordinary person all around.


Kinsleigh Edmunds

Beaver Creek & Molalla Ave

I chose Kinsleigh for GROWTH because she is constantly impressing me on and off the bar! She is always pushing herself to be better, whether it is working on her speed on bar or going home after a busy morning and busting out all of her homework to accomplish her future goals. She has come such a long way in the almost year and a half she’s been with Black Rock and it’s so amazing to see! Kinsleigh is truly one of a kind and a great asset to my crew! She’s the best!


Lorielle Tippets

Baseline & 185th

I chose Lorielle for this because no matter what she comes in with a positive attitude and always wants to learn. She is always so genuine to every single customer and has made great friendships with each and every single person that comes through and it shows hugely. I just want her recognized for being her awesome loving self! She shines and shows what Black rock coffee bar truly stands for.


Madalynn Flower


Hard working, positive attitude, and has grown into a key barista at Johnson Creek!


Makaela Martinez

Tv hwy174

I would love to submit my employee Makaela Martinez! From day one she has sought out how to be a better Black Rock employee! She’s taken strides in her speed and brings so much life and personality to our shop and to the customers lives she’s touched! This girl is always looking for tips on how to make a better cup of coffee or make a customers experience better than it already is!


Megan Hastings


Megan is FANTASTIC! She's been our employee for a couple of years now. She's always taking the lead, showing the newbies how to do things properly, encouraging her coworkers and an all around pleasure to work with. Laughter is abundant in her presence and our customers absolutely adore her!!


Melissa Jacobs

BR Corp

Melissa joined back in August 2019 and has helped us build so many processes, vendor relationships, and resources. From managing corporate credit cards, building our teams' processes for new stores, and getting the vendor lists accessible and organized for stores to reference have been such huge strides.


Miles Albritton


With this exciting new program, celebrating the 4 G’s within each individual department n the company. When I think of Growth in the marketing and creative team. Over the past few years we have adjusted, pivoted and grown this department to what we see today. Continuing an upward and positive trajectory it will continue to adapt and grow. One of our leaders Miles exemplifies the true meaning of Growth. Developing himself and those around him to always be open for improvement, change and striving for more. We appreciate Miles always and want to recognize him for it!


Morrigan Titko

Walker & 150th

Morrigan has been with walker for almost 3 years and over the years so she's shown so much more dedication and love for our stand. She's my star employee on window, can talk with anyone, about anything and so very genuine always. She comes in to every shift with the best attitude and is ready to take on the day. She’s always there when i need her/when the stand needs her, she definitely deserves this 💖


Niquo Garrett

Powell & 82nd

He had grown into a better barista every day!


Owen O’Brien


Owen has shown Growth tremendously at BR since being on our team. When the snow and ice recently hit, it made it hard for a lot of people to make it into work. Owen, with no hesitation, picked up extra shifts and quickly learned more and more of the operations of the store so that everything could keep running smoothly!Even before the chaos of icy roads and schedule changes, Owen has always been able to adapt to change and takes personal feedback very well. He is always pushing to be better than he was the day before, both at work and in his personal life, and it’s clear that he is exceeding those expectations. For him, Growth is continuous! Owen’s fellow employees and regular customers both notice his hard work and dedication. His positive outlook and attitude shines through day to day, he is loved by everyone he comes into contact with, and it is easy to say that he deserves this award! I’m proud of you Owen, and thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to work beside you. Keep killing it!


Tabor Brown

PNW Warehouse

Tabor has been with BR for 3 years in the Portland warehouse. He has held every position possible within the warehouse from delivery driver to shipping/inventory specialist and is now the PDX warehouse manager. He takes on each new challenge with the same positive attitude and team-first mentality.


Vendela Thompson

185th & Baseline

Dela shows up every single day with pure intentions to give every customer an amazing experience. She pours herself into her team and the store. As we hit her 1 year mark of store lead this month I have seen a tremendous amount of growth within her confidence as a lead as well as her store performing at record numbers and continuing to grow. She is an absolute light in everyone’s day and has grown into an absolute rockstar lead and friend to everyone she works with.



Aimee Casugay


Aimee was just recently named Assistant Lead of our location. She exceeds what it is to be a BR barista, leader, and teammate. She is the kindest individual both to customers, and the crew. She’s a yes girl, and just overall gets things done. She’s up for the task to continue to help Lantana grow beyond what it already has since it opened one year ago.


Christian Threet

Katy Parkway Marketplace

I believe that Christian best exemplifies growth on my team. The person he was when we opened 7 months ago would be unrecognizable by the person he is today. Despite being the shy guy during his training days, he’ll be a personal hype man to the trainees today. He consistently shows up for his teammates and has shown immense growth in every role he’s in. I get to send him off to Dallas, TX to be part of their Grand Opening team and I can’t be more proud! He’ll have to show everyone what the Katy team is all about! :)


Gia Han Ngo

City Square West

Gia is one of my outstanding employees. She always shows up and gives it her best and more! Regardless if it’s 5:00am or 8:00pm!! She is always doing her best to help her team out and you never catch her slippin!! Gia is someone who slays on bar during rushes!! She always leave setting her team up for success and always does it with a smile. Gia is someone my whole team would agree when saying she is superstar and an amazing barista!! She really makes my job as a manager and her coworkers jobs a lot better everyday with her smile! Work ethic! And kind heart!


Paola Martinez

The Point 620

She's been here since day 1 and has blown me away in such a short time! Paola is hard working, caring, and eager to learn. She's been helpful with new team members and day to day tasks that keep the store running!



Alexia Sanchez

Union & 192nd

I chose Alexia because she has taken so many steps forward and bettered herself, not just as an employee but as a person and for her future. In the past year she recognized her own faults and has stepped up and created such a positive attitude and has the will to learn and readjust. I genuinely enjoy working with her and having her on my team and I feel like she has helped everyone around her attitude wise as well. She was a standout to me for the growth section of the 4g employee


Annalisa Leslie

Fourth Plain & Grand

Anna shines through and through what it means to represent Black Rocks 4 G’s. Always working hard to care for her customers, her crew, and her own two little boys. Balancing being a full time mom, an assistant manager, and finishing up her Bachelors degree as a full time student, she makes it look easy.

I’ve worked with Anna for almost 3 years now, and I’ve watched her grow into the type of leader every store needs. Anna represents all 4 G’s, but Growth is her motivator. To challenge herself everyday to be a better barista, mom, friend and leader.


Elissa Branaugh

134th & 20th

Elissa has shown tremendous growth since starting with our team less than a year ago. She is consistently improving her performance and is always willing to help when needed. She steps up to the plate when management isn’t around or when they need help getting tasks done. She is speedy and efficient on bar and is great at holding her fellow teammates accountable!


Emma Goodman


Emma is an exceptional employee. She goes above and beyond to serve our customers with top quality service & so much joy! Her unstoppable ambition makes her a reliable and hardworking barista.


Halee Vineyard

164th & 1st

She is everything you want in a Barista! Best customer service always. She always makes you’re day better, and that is powerful! She is a model employee in every way.


Jason Kovalenko

4th & Andresen

Jason has the best attitude every day at work! He radiates positive energy and makes every customer feel important. He’s also extremely helpful and always offering to help me fix things. Everybody needs a Jason at their store!!


Katie Carter

Andresen & 88th

Katie is the most positive and optimistic person I've ever met! She radiates joy and chooses to make the most of each day and always strives to make every customers day brighter!


Maddie Farnsworth

4th Andresen - WA Store Lead Pick

Maddie has been with Black Rock for four years and has been managing our 4thAndresen location for over a year. Maddie is the definition of Black Rock and what our culture represents. She works diligently to continue to grow and better herself, as well as her team. Maddie’s servant leadership style of management instills growth in many ways, she provides her team the tools and confidence they need to succeed, in and out of Black Rock.


Michelle Rosvold

Hazel Dell

This employee has shown me nothing but leadership and growth this past month. Michelle stepped up to the plate when I needed it the most. For example for the snow days, she was the one that carried the team! I couldn't thank her enough! I do believe she needs the recognition.


Sara Hargreaves

Mill Plain

I chose Sara for GROWTH! She's been working for Black Rock since November 2020 and this is her first job! She’s a full time college student and is still willing to take on extra hours. I love that she always has a great attitude when she walks through the door and is always ready to learn! It’s been so fun watching her confidence boost and interact with customers. Excited to see what’s in store for her!


Taylor Wheelock

76th & 500

Taylor represents every aspect of the 4G’s; growth, grit, gratitude, and grace.What sets her apart from other incredible employees is her dedication to grit. She always has a “go get it” attitude and grabs the hardest task available. BR will continue to grow as long as we have employees like Taylor.


Zena Ghazi

164th & 20th

Over the last year Zena has grown so much as a barista and has quickly become one of our most skilled and reliable employees. She has shown up everyday and gone above and beyond to make sure everyone on the team feels loved and appreciated.