The 4G's of Black Rock

  • Grit

    Grit is that unshakable voice inside that pushes you forward through the hard things and that says you are building a better future that you just can't quite see yet. This is the team member that shows grit when things are tough. They always get the job done with passion and perseverance leading the way through tough times.

  • Growth

    This team member has shown tremendous growth in becoming a Rock Star Black Rock employee. They have grown in their customer service and their knowledge about all operations.

  • Gratitude

    Living in Gratitude and keeping a thankful perspective gives us the push that we need to believe in the good that is coming, and to believe in ourselves when an opportunity arises. The Grateful team member exudes joy. They love to serve others and love to push every conversation, every interaction and every situation into a positive direction.

  • Grace

    No one gets up in the morning with the intent to do their job poorly, no one intends to let the struggles that they are experiencing sabotage them. This team member looks for ways to help and encourage others. They seek to understand others and they act with humility.



Noah Loudenslager

Arizona Ave & Frye

Noah is the perfect definition for this award! Every single shift he shows unsolicited gratitude from the moment he arrives till the second he leaves. He not only shows it to his coworkers but the customers as well. We appreciate all of his hard work he’s brought to our store!


Hana Khan

San Tan

Hana has been so incredibly helpful to us and everyone she works with when on shift! She is amazing and wants to help everyone else be amazing and set up for success in any way she can!


Kyle Cullen

Arizona Regional Manager

Kyle embodies the definition of gratitude to the T. He is always expressing his appreciation with his coworkers, is compassionate and is an active and intent listener. His respect for others, willingness to help, and servant leadership are also qualities that highlight why he's deserving of this recognition.


Gabriel Velarde

Higley & Hampton

Gabe is the perfect fit for the gratitude award because he is always looking for the brighter side of every situation. He is somebody who always keeps a positive attitude and keeps our team going strong. We all love him for his infectious laugh and funny jokes. Gabe is somebody that will listen to you and help you through any of the hard times. He’s someone that genuinely cares about everybody. No matter what troubles you face, he is the person to be there for you. That is why he is fit for the gratitude award.


Cheyenn Joyeux

35th & Greenway

Since the day Cheyenn started, she has always shown a great amount of gratitude through everything she does. She takes constructive criticism better than anyone I know, She never fails to come in to work with a big smile on her face, and she is always more than prepared for whatever kind of day we are about to have. She treats everyone with kindness and grace and takes the time to get to know her coworkers and customers. Our favorite part about Cheyenn is how she is always dancing throughout her shift. We can go through multiple back to back crazy busy hours and when You look at her through all of it, she’s just smiling, dancing, and grateful to be there. Her smile is just as contagious as her joy and we couldn’t be more blessed to have her in our store!


Kenna Jacober

67th & Bell

I chose Kenna because she has always come in with a positive attitude despite any challenges! She is always putting in 110% effort when on shift! Her kindness sheds on others and lights up the store!


Cameron Gray

Power & Ray

Cameron is a ray of light and positivity on every shift! He walks in ready to take on the day and appreciate the moment! He not only shows gratitude for his job and coworkers, but also for the amazing customers we have roll through each day! He doesn’t let life knock him down and always makes everyone around him happier! We are so thankful for Cam!


Madison Stroh

7th Ave & Dunlap

Mads is an extremely hardworking employee in all aspects of her job! She comes to work with a positive attitude and always strives to be the best she can possibly be! Mads has worked for Black Rock for about three years, and it truly shows how much she cares about the company and her team! We are all extremely grateful for how much help Madison has been in opening 3 different stores and pouring her heart and soul into this job! She chooses to be helpful because of her love that she has for this company, and we love her back tenfold!! Thank you Mads! We love you


Fiona Barros

The Edge

Fiona has the best energy of anyone we have ever met. She comes in willing and ready to work wether it’s in the morning or the afternoon. Her infectious attitude rubs off on everyone on shift. Fiona is always going the extra mile and ready to help whenever she can! The edge is so lucky to have her!!


Mckenna Milham

Dysart & Thomas

I chose to nominate Mckenna because she is in here every single day putting smiles on everyone's faces. She is someone anyone feels comfortable with and is always going above and beyond for our customers!


Elias Lewis

Pima & Thomas

We chose Elias because he is always willing to help where he can and will go the extra mile when he is able. He comes into every shift with a clean slate and immediately asks where he can help out with no hesistation. He also always serves customers—and his coworkers—with a positive attitude and a smile on his face no matter the situation at hand.


Laisha Nunez

Ellsworth Loop

Ellsworth Loop nominates Laisha Nunez as this Quarters 4G award winner for Gratitude. Laisha shows many examples of gratitude day in and day out wether it’s to our customers or her coworkers. She shows appreciation where it’s needed and never fails to make each person on shift laugh and have a good time. She shares genuine connections with customers and truly takes the time to make a persons day no matter how her day might be going. She never expects anything in return but continues to give it her all for everyone around her. We are so grateful to have someone like Laisha a part of our ellsworth loop team!! We love you!!


Mary-Kate Whitlatch

Southern & Gilbert

I choose Mary-Kate because she constantly has a good attitude. No matter what she's asked she always says yes with a smile and the best attitude ever! She's an individual who is always a team player and is always wanting to help. She always stays productive helping with stand cleanliness and does her job to perfection! Mary-Kate constantly pours into every customer who comes to our stand and leaves them with the best experience ever.


Olivia Carrasco

Val Vista & Queen Creek

Olivia is quite literally everyone's favorite. Does not matter what shift she is on or time of day, she is always ready to hit that griddy. She is beyond loyal to her co-workers/ friends and is the most accurate representation of Gratitude!

We love you Okiv!!


Philip Witter

Alma School & Ocotillo

Philip has worked at Ocotillo for nearly two years now, and anyone can attest to the fact that he is an exemplary employee. He goes above and beyond for everyone around him, all while maintaining the greatest attitude. He is helpful, reliable, and always looking to learn and grow. He embodies the word "gratitude" with his positivity and energy without ever compromising his work ethic. He is a huge contribution to the culture of our team and we are lucky to have him!


Molly Jacobson

Thompson Peak & Bell SL

Molly, is such a great example of gratitude! Grateful for where she's at and for where she is going! Molly puts smiley faces on everything she does!


Hans Elkjer

Shea & 116th

Hans honestly fuels our story!!!!
Hans is someone who always shows up to shift with a great upbeat positive attitude. We wanted to nominate Hans for the gratitude award because as much as we are thankful for him he is also willing to reciprocate that that same energy back to us leads and his coworkers. Hans is someone who shows up to his shifts as his best self. His contagious personality trickles down to the entire crew bringing up the mood and morale each and every day. We are so grateful for Hans and don’t know where we would be without him! Hans, if you’re reading this, we love you stinky!


Lacey Piersall

Golf Links

I chose Lacey because she is the leader at BR that leads by example, The example she sets expresses gratitude for the things she does have in life and ignores the things she does not. She leads by being grateful for the hard work her stand puts in from little too big to make it the home it is. No matter how small or how big the favor was, she always manages to thank you. Saying it to family, friends, co-workers. A heartfelt thank you can go a long way. She always is the one to be thankful no matter the task that was done.


Caitlin Heartly


Caitlin is the perfect example of gratitude! She walks into any room and lights it up no matter what! She cares about genuine connections, and only provides smiles & laughter at the window! Always looking for opportunity to grow & serve our customers better in any way she can! She comes into every shift with positivity & ready to crush any shift she walks into!


Taylor Gries

Ellsworth & Ray

I chose Taylor because every person she meets she treats like a member of her family. She’s able to exude such a love and appreciation to everyone she interacts with. Always as an open heart to everyone and that’s why I think she deserves this!


Claire Mulhausen


Claire has this incredible ability to make every person around her feel special and important. She’s always the hardest worker in the room, is always up for any challenge, and ultimately brings her people together. Claire truly has the biggest heart and we are so lucky to have her! We love you, sweetie girl!


Ginger Agema

Tatum & Thunderbird

Ginger radiates positivity and is such an amazing worker. She is always ready to make someone else’s day better and always succeeds to do so by being herself. She has the kindest heart and is always shows appreciation and return kindness. She always leads by example and knows hot to get the job done! We love you Ginger! You’re amazing and we are so grateful to have you with us!


Cassie Ortiz

Broadway i10

She never let's the circumstances of the day get to her or effect her attitude. She always remains positive


David Lehry

Block 7000

My man is always happy to talk to customers on window and make their day


Ben English

Val Vista

I chose Ben because he shows thankfulness for every aspect of his life, and it shows immensely in his store! His gratitude towards customers, employees, and anything that comes across his path allows him to be an incredible and benevolent leader. We all strive to be a bit more like Ben and show appreciation for the small things, as he shows it can make all the difference.


Paige Olsen

Crismon & Baseline

I chose Paige for this award because she is the most genuine person I have ever met. She has always been the person to go out of her way to thank you for helping her out and has no problem showing her appreciation! Anyone that knows Paige knows that she is just the sweetest person! Not only will she show pure appreciation, she will always return the favor and that act of kindness without expecting anything in return. Paige is the definition of gratitude!


Jade Swick

Arizona Regional Manager

One of the greatest things that stands Jade out from other leaders is her optimism! Her leadership skills and drive to not only help her leaders to become the best they can, be but also to pour into her crews as well. She leads by serving them and being present for everyone she is surrounded by putting her now needs aside and always lending a helping hand to all. She never dwells in an unfortunate circumstance but always manages to find the positivity for the future to come! Having the kind of heart and leadership skills in gratitude to have such satisfaction in the day to day challenges and to pour a generous amount into each experience for the overwhelming feeling of fulfillment at a job well done is something Jade does tremendously!


Noah Harrison

Priest & Ray

Noah is the man! He's always happy to support our store and anyone on the team. He shows up to work with a positive attitude and is eager to work. He's humble, loyal, and has a great work ethic. He's the glue that keeps the store together, and we're all the better for it!


Jesssica Aldridge

Block 7000

Jess was chosen for Gratitude because she comes in everyday and shows so much love to customers! Jess is hands down one of the nicest people I know! Customers love her and so do we❤️


Amirya Patterson

Lake Pleasant

Amiriya is someone that every employee can always go to on and off shift. She comes to every shift with a good attitude & willingness to work. Can’t wait to see her continued growth. We love you Amiriya! Congratulations!!


Rocky Alvarado


Rocky always has the most positive attitude when it comes to the customers or crew! She shows us what it means to be grateful every single day by offering an upbeat perspective to everyone that crosses her path! She is literal sunshine! Wether she's helping customers through a tough time or making the crew laugh we know we can always count on her to lead by example when it comes to embodying gratitude! We love you so much Rocky!


Sierra Walburn

Broadway & i10

Sierra consistently expresses her gratitude for others in our store by showing her appreciation with not only her kind words but also her positive attitude. She makes a conscious effort to show others how much even the little things they do mean to her!


Angela Tovarez

Golf Links

Angela must stand for angel, because that is what she is to our community. When she's not serving up a tasty cup of coffee or bringing snacks for the crew, she is engaging in great conversation with everyone she meets. She knows how to make you laugh but also makes you feel safe and at home in the stand. You can tell Angela lives a life of gratitude because her thankful attitude and positivity simply radiates.


Emma Wener


Emma shows gratitude in everything she does, from her crew to her customers. Emmas bubbly personality lights up the room and truly inspires her crew to find happiness in everything. Emma is such a joy to be around, and we are very happy to have her on our team!


Alyson Filardi

Ellsworth & Ray

Alyson never fails to show up to work with a smile on her face. She has such a warm, positive energy that makes everyone feel loved. Alyson shows gratitude in every aspect of her work, from interactions with customers and to coworkers. She is constantly and consistently showing up when we need her.


Taelin Averett

San Tan

Taelin takes every challenge and obstacle head on with a smile on her face (even though she's crying on the inside). She loves her customers and coworkers with every ounce of herself when she's there. She shows empathy and kindness to everyone she meets. She treats every customer like they're her best friend and makes the store so enjoyable and welcoming to whoever walks in. I am truly lucky to work with her!



Sylas Rosen Lewis

Broadway & Mineral ASL

Sylas has stepped into the assistant lead position at Broadway and has taken this position on with such gratitude. After developing the relationships of trust and respect from his co works he is now learning how to manage things from a different side. He comes into work each and every day eager and willing to learn more, meanwhile showing that he's grateful to be there. Sylas also makes sure the customers feel appreciate. We love having him on our management team in Colorado.


Camille Correia

Belleview & Prince

Camille always has such a positive attitude every time she is in the store! She is an outstanding team player that is always eager to help out when needed. She is always appreciative of learning new skills and picks up on them very quickly. Her grateful spirit is felt by the entire team and we love having her at Belleview!


Leslie Rios

Denver Tech Center

We love having Leslie as part of the team! She also is always willing to cover shifts, and with a second job and school this doesn't go unnoticed. She'll sometimes work both jobs in one day if it means she can help cover! She's great at welcoming everyone to the team and always makes sure everyone is included. We ❤️ You Leslie!


Kristina Darbe

Denver Tech Center

Kristina is always helping out in any way she can! She does such a great job helping train new team members. Having so many new hires at our location lately helps out so much! She's always helping cover as well and is such a good and genuine friend to everyone we work with. So lucky to have you Kristina!❤️


Neveah Brooks

Castle Rock

Nevaeh is a bright light in our store. She deserves the 4G for gratitude because she is always kind and gentle to her team members and the customers she comes into contact with. She is always a team player and recognizes the importance of working together to get the job done. We are so thankful to have Nevaeh and she makes our store a better place!


Madison Hansen

Broadway Mineral

Madison is the perfect example of gratitude. She walks in to every shift ready to serve her community in the positive way possible. She is such a light of positivity in our store and we could not be more grateful for her. Even during the hard rushes, or bad days she’s always able to crack a joke and keep the team smiling and going! We are so grateful for you Madison!!


Amelia Walker

Broadway Mineral

Amelia exudes gratitude day to day. She’s only be with us for 6 months and it has been so rewarding to watch her grow into the barista she is. She cares so deeply for her coworkers and customers and we could not be more proud of her. Amelia always shows her appreciation for her coworkers and customers. Her energy lights up the room and the connections she makes cannot be beat. We love you Amelia!!



Logan Shearer

Fairview Eagle SL

Logan has been the SL at Eagle for only a short time but they are always setting the example on shift. They really have taken everything that comes at them with a positive attitude. They can change the mood of every shift and encourages the team to stay positive in any situation. I Look forward to watching Logan grow as a SL and keep spreading the positivity to anyone they can.


Hannah Watson

Broadway & Howe

Hannah always comes to work with a smile on her face. She will always make you laugh and is fantastic with customers. Hannah will always go out of her way to make sure everybody is having a good day and I think she is perfect for “Gratitude”!


Alice Chappell


Alice always has a smile on her face and customers truly enjoy talking to her. She loves to serve others and help where it's needed. Couldn't imagine not having her smiling face in the stand!


Lauren Anderson

Idaho Regional Manager

Lauren has helped transition Idaho into what it is today. Through the ups and downs Lauren continuously grinds away making each store stand out. Lauren doesn't ask for recognition as she is as humble as they come. We are proud to have her on our team and appreciate how hard she works leading by example day in and day out.


Seneca Witt

Ustick Cloverdale

Seneca always comes into shift with positive energy, learns quickly, and is kind to her co-workers and customers.


Connor Pierce

Fairview & Ethridge

Connor always walks into a shift with a huge smile on his face, ready to crush the day with everyone he works with. After a busy rush, Connor often reflects with the phrase "that was sick". Connor brings joy to those he works with, to the customers daily at the window, and anybody else he interacts with in life. He works so hard and would go the extra mile for anyone. Connor holds onto a grateful posture everyday no matter the circumstance.


Jasmine Chavez

Fairview Eagle

Jasmine always shows up to work with an amazing attitude and a smile on her face. She is the one hyping everybody up and raising spirits. She continues to make customers and coworkers smile no matter what. I can always count on her to improve my day. Jasmine is a beacon of gratitude.



Anna Meese

Capitol & Barbur

Anna is such an incredible barista! She shows so much gratitude on a daily basis towards her job, coworkers and customers! Anna has the biggest heart and shows up to work everyday with such positive energy, it’s contagious. She is so genuine when connecting with customers and coworkers. Anna continues to impress us everyday and we are so lucky to have her at Capitol Hwy!


McKenzie Erpelding

Division 182nd

Kenzie shows up to work every day with a positive attitude and a willingness to work. She leaves personal things at the door when she shows up and is ready to be a team player every day. Each day I get to watch Kenzie grow in her interactions with both customers and her coworkers. In her time at Division, I have watched Kenzie blossom from someone who was shy and timid when she started, to the outgoing and upbeat barista she is today. All thanks to her positive attitude that she brings each day to help keep us all going!


Maddi Noon

Maple 99

Maddi has gone above and beyond ever since she became Maple's ASL a year ago, I don't know what I'd do without her! She brings joy to every customer connection and tries to make a positive experience for everyone at work, always.
Thank you for being the positivity we need madz 🤍


Isabelle Perea

Garden Home & Oleson

Bella is a shining example of how to display gratitude! She's always in such a great mood, its beyond contagious! Her hard work is done in complete gratitude and courtesy not only to her coworkers, but to our customers! Garden Home loves us some of Bella :)


Maddie Shahparast

Robal Rd.

Maddie has worked so hard in the 3 months she's been at Black Rock and has improved so much. She has such a positive attitude and is always finding something that she wants to improve on. We all love working with Maddie ❤️


Amara Platt


Amara is an exceptional employee, and although her employment was short lived for school, she lives on the leaderboard!

She’s always willing to learn, cracking jokes with her peers, and brings good energy to the store regardless if it’s 5am or 9pm. She also brought homemade baked goods on multiple occasions.

We hate to see you go but we love you Amara! Show the world how bright you can shine!


Mikayla Foster


I chose Mikayla for gratitude, because her work ethic and attitude on shift is testament to her gratitude. Showing up to work with purpose; Mikayla is a team player, a natural leader, and a backbone to the Hwy 34 Black Rock! Her intentionality and passion to give to the community around her can’t be taught, and I am so proud to have her on our team!


Crosby Pinter-Faber


I chose Crosby because each and everyday she shows up and exudes gratitude and kindness. Crosby is always putting our customers needs first, engaging in conversations with so much intent, interest and joy. She truly is a bright light in our stand ✨


Angel Torres


Angel radiates kindness, he is loved by costumers and co-workers, and makes our team better every day. He is always encouraging and leads by example with his work ethic and dedication to growth.


Sydney Hayward


Sydney is strong, determined and eager to learn. The appreciation she has for anyone willing to lend a helping hand and guide her in her growth, as both an SL and individual, overflows. Not a single “good job” or “thank you” voiced by her goes unnoticed, and there is no question the gratitude she feels is genuine. Sydney appreciates every member of her team and her customers, many that she now calls friends. The feeling is 100% mutual. This lady has great things in her future. ❤️


Sara Mock


Sara is one of the most diligent employees I have ever had a chance to work with. She shows up every day with the best attitude and crushes any task that is thrown her way. Appreciate you 1,000%! Ecstatic for the future (:


Jessica Puderbaugh


Jessica’s gratitude is very apparent in the way she serves those around her, and the way she takes care of her team! Her work ethic and passion to help and support those around her not only shows in her work, but is contagious and makes others want to have more gratitude. Jessica has been a huge team player and helped to spread the team’s camaraderie even as we have grown and brought new people on. RiverRdBeltline wouldn’t be the same without her!


Sharon Andino-Posas


I chose Sharon because she is such a kind, helpful and hard working woman! She always shows coworkers kindness, she is always helpful when it comes to covering shifts, getting tasks done, and she's not afraid to take any constructive criticism. I'm super happy to have a great employee like her. Her efforts and hard work don't go unnoticed.


Julia Culligan


Julia is one of our newest employees but she has been nothing but amazing since her first day! She's such a hard worker, has the best attitude, and is always encouraging her coworkers. She never fails to bring the positive and fun energy to keep spirits high.


Abood Rizk


Abood comes in everyday ready to serve his community and hype his coworkers up. He's a shining light that helps keep our team together every time he steps foot into the store. He always offers to help in anyway he can and I know I can count on him for literally anything. He emulates gratitude in the way he carries himself in the workplace and I'm so lucky to have him on my team!!


Bryonie Jordaan

Biddle Rd.

Bryonie is always a big ray of sunshine no matter the day. She is such a wonderful person to be around and never fails to brighten everyone's day. She is the most polite and the nicest person you will ever meet and she is always willing to help anyone with anything without hesitation. No matter the situation or the day she always has a stellar attitude and always finds a way to bring positivity to our stand. Overall she is a joy to be around and we are all so thankful to have her on our team!


Maddy Meyers


She is the most caring, thoughtful, gracious girl! Maddy always brings up the rest the crew and comes to work with a smile! Our crew and the customers love Maddy and we are so thankful she joined us!!


Ashley Sadek


Ashley exudes gratitude each and everyday with her customers and coworkers. She is one of the kindest humans you will get to know, always having a smile on her face. Ashley never fails to make you feel special and appreciated with her kind words!


Alex David

Halsey & 122nd

Alex has consistently exhibited gratitude since her first day. Always seen with a smile on her face, Alex has been willing to work whenever she was needed, rain or shine, smoke or clear skies, day or night, and even on Sundays! Halsey 122nd and our customers are grateful for Alex and her gratitude.


Isaac Luis


I choose Isaac for the 4G Grit nomination because he pushes himself and his team constantly to be the best baristas and people that they can be. He puts his store first and is always offering to help in anyway he can! He's the type of person that goes the extra mile without asking. This store has gone through a big transition period and he's handled it incredibly well. His hard work and determination is greatly appreciated!


Joie Austria

Division and Burnside

Joie has worked at a number of different Black Rocks and always shows kindness and understanding. Showing appreciation for where she is that day and always focusing on her people.


Noah Reed


Noah is such a joy to have at Keizer! He doesn't complain, he is always willing to help in any way that he can, and always does it with a smile on his face! He is so kind to everyone both customers and coworkers. We appreciate him so greatly and it wouldn’t be the same without him! Mucho love from Keizer ♥️


Sisi Contreas


Sisi shows gratitude in everything she does in life by putting in %110 whether it comes to her party planning career, or Black Rock, or even her being in the community puts a smile on everyone's face!! She goes far and beyond to help her co-workers and customers and we are blessed everyday we have her apart of the Black Rock family 💕✨


Jake Duyn


Jake is an excellent example of gratitude because no matter what he is asked to do he will do it with a smile on his face. Jake is always the first person to offer to help, no matter what the situation is. We are so happy to have Jake on our team!


Emma Humphrey


I nominated Emma for the 4G gratitude award because she is always positive no matter what the situation is & she’s always there to lift the team up. Cheering the team on to get those fast HME times is something that i think has a postive outcome & helps the crew stay movin’. She walks into all her shifts with the best attitude, ready to take on the day & is happy to be there! Emma is great at making sure all customers have a great experience every time they come through our line & they are always happy to see her when she’s at the window. Very thankful to have Emma on my team ❤️


Jenna Swanberg

Oregon Regional Manager

Jenna is the perfect example of gratitude. The kindest leader, always puts other before herself, leads by example, shows up daily for her team, the list goes ON!! Thank you for doing what you do everyday Jenna. We are beyond lucky to have you!!


Alyson Mccaughey

Robal Rd. ASL

Alyson is the ASL in Bend and she exudes happiness. She has such a genuine positivity about her and helps others see the bright side of any situation. We love you Alyson and are thankful for you always!!



Jayden Smith


I chose this employee because she is self-sufficient, self motivated and works hard every day. Her customer service directly reflects her outgoing personality and she's always a light to be around.


Ashley Spounias


Since the moment I met Ashley she has been nothing but positive. She is always available in every way to help invest in her crew and store. She always has a positive outlook when things get hard and can always push to see the end of the craziness. She is kind and caring and it shows in all she does! We are so thankful to have you Ashley, you truly make a huge difference in those around you! Your hard work and positive mindset never goes unnoticed!


Amy Llewellyn


Amy comes to work every day with a smile on her face, bringing up the energy of everyone around her! She constantly pushes customer connections, and has been so helpful with all of our new employees, remembering we were all new at one point and guiding patience with positivity!


Aaron Johnson

Valley Parkway

Choosing Aaron was 100% so effortless for me! Aaron is the most positive encouraging team member whenever he is on shift! He takes Any position needed at the moment & goes above & beyond every time. With our store being so new emotions run high and we can always count on Aaron to be our biggest advocate while on bar as well as pouring himself into his customers at the same time! It’s always a blast when Aaron’s on shift. We can definitely guarantee a light hearted environment every time!



Ana Guadalupe Romo

Waterview Town Center

Ana continuously shows gratitude everyday. Ana started to work for black rock at the beginning of this year and every day ever since has not stopped working hard and most importantly never fails to show up with a positive attitude. Ana is always kind to the customers and her coworkers and never fails to show how much of a hard worker she is!


Katherine Clark

Bay Area Blvd (Webster)

Reserved in the beginning, Kat has overtime become one our most adored and diligent baristas at Bay Area. You can’t help but feel uplifted in her presence; spreading a positivity throughout the shop and boosting team morale any shift she works. She never forgets to express her gratefulness and is always ready to give back wherever she can. She is one to consistently stay on top of her duties and excels in every task you appoint her to. Bay Area couldn’t have been more blessed to have hired someone like her. Your team loves you Kat!


Kailea Fink

Lantana Place (Austin)

Kailea is a joy to have as part of our crew. She brings the best energy and knows how to make everyone laugh! She is a hard worker, dedicated barista, and lovable friend.


Julia Garcia

Katy Parkway

Where do I begin with Julia? She is full of gratitude. Julia is a core member of my team; as well as my right hand man. She’s a giver at heart and remains positive in every situation thrown at her. I can always count on her to come to our aid in stressful situations. She will not hesitate to get her helping hand to our employees or our customers. She is everything you would want for a barista, a friends and a mentor. I am grateful for her every single day. She deserves the freaking world and there is never enough thank yous to give her! Thank you Julia for everything you give and continue to give! We love you!!!


Ember Simpson

Round Rock

Ember always comes in with a kick-butt attitude and is always cheering everyone on!

Even when the going gets rough, Ember is tough and leads by example to look on the bright side of things and it always lifts the baristas' spirits!

Customers feel the genuine love they give. We all are so grateful to work with such a positive and caring person!


Sara Villawan

Grapevine Hwy

Sara has been at Grapevine since the opening of the store and has been a team player through and through. Whether its her witty humor or stylish outfits, Sara has always managed to put a smile on everyone's faces and we are incredibly proud to have her as part of our family!


Venay Sanchez

Star Ranch

To me, the kindest people are also the most grateful people - and Venay exudes both those. She is truly one of the most kind people I have ever met. Her teams loves being around her energy and she ALWAYS has a smile on her face. She treats every customer with the utmost respect and kindness, and takes every compliment & feedback with an open hand and grateful heart. I'm extremely lucky to have someone like Venay on my team -- so grateful for you Nay Nay!


Abigail Swift

Easton Commons

She's Always taking initiative, helping others, excellent customer service, excellent drink making skills and speed. I Always look forward to shifts w this employee


Samantha Copsey

Bay Area

Sam’s zest for life is one to be adored. She radiates positivity, exemplifies loyalty and kindness, and never misses an opportunity to give back. She comes into work not only with a smile on her face, but she leaves making sure you have one too. She has the gift of enjoying and valuing what she has, and graciously shares it with others. With Sam’s vibrant personality, grace, and hard work ethic, the team looks to her as a leader. She goes the extra mile to ensure her teammates have a great shift, day, and/or week. The magnitude of her actions are the very definition of gratitude. There is a quote from William Arthur Ward that best signifies what Sam brings to the shop; “Gratitude can turn common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings”. Sam, thank you for turning our days into thanksgiving, our job into joy, and opportunities into blessings. We are so lucky to have you here at Bay. Your team loves you!


Jadon Johnson


Jadon comes to work every day with an upbeat attitude ready to give 100%. He always takes the time to go out of his way to make sure customers are happy and provides exceptional customer service skills at the window. Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Jadon knows how great his energy is and how he embodies what an employee of Black Rock should strive to be!


Heesun Yoon

Shadow Creek

She always goes above and beyond with helping her team members.


Anna Payne

Blanco & West

The meaning of gratitude is the quality of being thankful; the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. With this being said, we chose Anna this month because through her selfless acts and consideration for everyone around her, it is clear she has a deep appreciation for her coworkers and BlackRock as a whole. This is why she is an excellent example of what our G of the month stands for.


Rachel Simmons

Star Ranch

Rachael truly emulates all 4 of the G’s—but Gratitude best suits her attitude and efforts. She stays thankful for opportunities, and runs on a loyalty, and humility that is rare to find.

Her store, customers, and this company are beyond thankful for her performance day by day.


Amiah Wilmore

Easton Commons

Amiah shows gratitude for everything she does, and I deeply have gratitude for her as well. She is someone who appreciates recognition for good things and growth. She comes in and does all that is asked of her as well. She can be on the quiet side but has a loud spirit. She never fails to make the team smile with her tik tok dances or her jokes. So excited to see her grow!



Maddi Farnsworth

Washington Regional Manager

Maddie is an exceptional and positive leader inside and out. She is such a light to be around and we are beyond lucky to have her on our team. Keep being YOU Mads, we all love and appreciate you also much!


Kristin Hausinger

164th & 1st

Kristin was chosen for this award because she embodies the 4Gs!! She walks into work everyday with an amazing and grateful attitude! She's only worked for BR for a few short months but within that time she has grown so much , developed customer and coworker relationships, and does amazing on bar!! She makes great coffee with a smile every time! We absolutely love having Kristin apart of our team!


Sunny Martinez

Andresen & 88th

Sunny always shows up to work with the biggest smile, she's one of the most positive people I've ever met! If anyone's having an off day, she comes in like a ray of sunshine. She has such an optimistic perspective on everything, she exudes gratitude and we are so grateful she's on our team! #positivevibes


Jasmin Lawferr

Battle Ground

When I think of gratitude in the work place I think someone who is genuinely just happy to be there- which perfectly describes Jasmin. I honestly can't think of a time I haven’t seen jazzy smiling and in a great mood. To be even more honest, I don't even think I've ever heard Jaz raise her voice. Everything about Jazzy is positive and uplifting,truly an inspiration. Her energy uplifts everyone she encounters making her an absolute blessing to have in the store. Everyone at BG loves you Jaz. 💓


Liam Wenrich

Mill Plain & 136th

Liam shows gratitude by being positive on a daily basis. No matter what kind of shift he is working, whether it be a super busy chaotic day or a slow one, Liam finds the best in any situation and is always there to brighten anyones day. He is a wonderful addition to our team, and even better friend to all.


Karlee Levey

Kennewick (Downtown)

Karlee always brings such a positive attitude to her shifts daily! She is such a joy to work with and continues to exemplify gratitude to her team and community. She goes above and beyond with her daily tasks every single day. She is always looking for anyway to help my assistant and I to make our job easier. She shows true compassion to her store and creates a productive work environment.


Samantha Crampton

Rd 68

I have chosen to nominate Samantha for her all around! Sam shines when she's connecting with our guests and knows how to crush a line. I know our shop wouldn't be the same without her, she follows through on tasks and gives an extra hand when needed. It's been wonderful to see Sam grow through our transition to Black Rock, I can't wait to see what the future holds for her.


Brandon Castillo

Southridge SL

Brandon is the SL at our Southridge location.
All of his customers and baristas respect him very much. The atmosphere is refreshing & fun to be in! Great job B. Also #1 in Pastry sales for TC area Woohoo


Joanna Arias

Van Giesen

Always has a positive attitude, works well with crew. She never fails to put a smile on a customers face and strives to be better. Is constantly moving and helping organize the shop


Taylor Ortman

Hwy 395

I chose Taylor for the gratitude award because he goes above and beyond not only for his co-workers, but his customers as well. No matter what he has going on, he comes to work ready to serve our customers with a smile on his face and a nice conversation!



Pasco 20th

I chose Vic, because he is a good leader within the shop; he leads by example, and always goes above and beyond for the customers. He is patient and caring towards his fellow baristas, and is a joy to have in the shop!


Kaye Dacio


Kaye is the embodiment of gratitude. There is never a moment where she isn’t radiating positivity, looking for the good in situations, or thanking someone for something. I don’t think I’ve even ever heard her complain about anything since starting at Black Rock. Her positivity is infectious and her coworkers and customers are just as grateful to have her!


Abigail Ibarra

Aaron Drive

Abby throughout her time with Black Rock she has shown tremendous growth. From being a barista to now my assistant she has been so willing to learn and open to anything. She has been a great addition to the management team and can not wait to watch her grow and become more confident in her leadership skills.


Abigail Behrends


I chose Abigail because she is always coming into work with a smile on her face, no matter what is going on in her day. She could be having a bad day and nobody would know. She greets EVERY customer with a smile, and is always in a good mood! She is hard working, reliable, and always sets the positive vibes in the shop and never lets that positive vibes slip.


Edgar Rodriguez

Columbia Center Blvd

We chose Edgar for his positive attitude and perseverance, we think he bests shows his gratitude towards the customers by greeting every person with a smile, making them all feel welcomed to our shop and then sending them off with a goodbye every single time. He lets his customers know that they matter by thanking them for visiting every single time.


Lindsay Russell

Kennedy 086

Lindsey has always been on top of her work! Always has a good attitude and a big smile on her face! Giving the customer the best of interactions and leaving them with a smile on their faces.


Jessica Kovall


She has improved a lot on her customer service and as usual is a joy to work with, great attitude at all times !


Hannah Waud

Kennewick 27th

Hannah is always there to lend a hand for whoever needs it and is always treating everyone with kindness.


Lauren Knoepfle


Lauren never fails to express her appreciation for everyone she works with as well as the regular guests she serves every day! She has the best communication and has been nothing but a huge help since we brought her on the team. She also be funny and has good memes.


Jasmine Chaiyasith

Union 192nd

Hailey joined our team about three months ago and we love her dearly! She always has such an upbeat attitude and makes everyone she works with feel appreciated and valued.


Selina Montelongo


Adapted quickly and is always willing to help. Amazing to work with!


Caleb Green


Caleb Green is an outstanding barista and a precious favorite of ours at Steptoe. Caleb always thanks his coworkers after they linebust or stock. He represents gratitude through his respect of authority and customers alike! You ROCK Caleb !!!


Kiyana Carrion

Kennewick Hwy395

Kiyana puts in a 100% everyday. She truly cares about her shop and the well being of her baristas. She doesn't hesitate to lend a hand when needed and takes initiative when issues surface. She welcomes constructive criticism with open arms and because of that her shop is in great hands.


Addie Andrews


Addie is a ray of sunshine!! She always shows up to work with a positive attitude and ready to help others. Addie shows love to her customers and coworkers everyday, no matter what.


Yvonne Garcia

Hazel Dell SL

Yvonne always sees the good in situations and is very appreciative towards her customers and crew! She is a joy to work with and her customers always leave with a smile.


Jeremy Johansen

Hazel Dell

I chose Jeremy because he is someone who always shows up with a smile on his face and ready to work. His amazing personality just gets everyone else going and pumped. He is someone that is always willing to extend that helping hand. He not only shows up inside of work but also if I tell him my dinner last night was a total fail he will send me recipes on what helped him!! He is always bringing some sort of yummy treats for everyone to try!! He recently made pumpkin cookies that were to die for!!