The 4G's of Black Rock

  • Grit

    Grit is that unshakable voice inside that pushes you forward through the hard things and that says you are building a better future that you just can't quite see yet. This is the team member that shows grit when things are tough. They always get the job done with passion and perseverance leading the way through tough times.

  • Growth

    This team member has shown tremendous growth in becoming a Rock Star Black Rock employee. They have grown in their customer service and their knowledge about all operations.

  • Gratitude

    Living in Gratitude and keeping a thankful perspective gives us the push that we need to believe in the good that is coming, and to believe in ourselves when an opportunity arises. The Grateful team member exudes joy. They love to serve others and love to push every conversation, every interaction and every situation into a positive direction.

  • Grace

    No one gets up in the morning with the intent to do their job poorly, no one intends to let the struggles that they are experiencing sabotage them. This team member looks for ways to help and encourage others. They seek to understand others and they act with humility.



Hailey Branstetter

Dysart & Thomas

Hailey has been an incredible store lead and has really came into her own since stepping into this position. No matter how big or small the issue, Hailey will tackle it head on and will roll with the punches. She sees every 'tough' situation as an opportunity to grow. This young lady truly is one of a kind, and we couldn't be more proud of her for all the hard work she's put in to bettering herself, her crew and most importantly, our Avondale community!


Abbi Miller

AZ Store Lead

Since the day Abbi was hired she has shown nothing but above and beyond effort and hard work.
She is determined, intentional, consistent, someone her crew can always count on. She cares so deeply for those around her, and will do absolutely anything to pour into her crew to make sure they are set up for success. Her attitude speaks volumes for itself, she is full of optimism and a light heart. She is patient with every customer, employee, and difficult situation. When put in hard situations she is fast to fix the problem and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Abbi has recently just stepped up into the SL position at greenway and completely blows every expectation out of the park. I and her crew and so proud of her and extremely thankful for her heart and true determination to pour her entire heart into her crew, customers, and store!


Riley Lazenby

Power & Ray

Riley is so hardworking. She continuously is always looking for something to do and is always on top of getting drinks out in a timely manner. She is such a crucial part to every crew she on and is very dependable when it comes to leading by example. Great job Ri!


Jade Swick

Alma School & Ocotillo

Jade is GRITTY! She works her butt off day in and day out. She is an absolute rockstar. Jade works long weeks here at BR on the regular and she is not afraid to even work harder. She consistently perseveres despite a long week while being in the spotlight as the natural leader she is. We are very excited to see what Jade will do in the future. Move out the way, she works her butt off!


Tatum Bosley

Val Vista Queen Creek

Tatum is an absolute rockstar! She is kind, honest, and such a hard worker! She knows how to get the job done while keeping the good vibes and positive energy. She is generous with her time and wisdom and is always willing to help the team. We love her genuine connections with customers (and their dogs!), dedication to helping others, and her passionate spirit!


Cassie Bump

Crismon & Baseline

Cassie is more than deserving of the Grit award, as "pushing forward through hard times" is basically her forte. This quarter she has not only finished her Master's degree, but has done so while working 3 jobs and still giving her all while on shift. Life has thrown this girl so many curveballs, but she doesn't let it stop her. She always pushes through with passion and is able to see the big picture in what she is doing and continues to lead the way while doing so.


Taylor Fenner

AZ Regional Manager

Taylor's strength of character shines through best in terms of grit. Wether she is helping to write training guides, testing new products, or training 15 new employees at once, Taylor's indomitable spirit is constantly on full display. As one of our most resilient, conscientious, and reliable leaders, she always has a clear view of goals ahead for both Black Rock and herself which has led her to building some of the top producing stores in the company.


Malik Hampton

Hampton & Higley

When I imagine grit in action, I see someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to help out the team & get the job done, no matter the sacrifice. We are very proud to honor Malik as our 4G award winner on behalf of these qualities. In terms of BR he has been working very hard to strengthen his ability on bar to help serve more customers. Personally, he’s taken time off work to explore some possible business opportunities. In both his work & personal life, Malik never complains. Instead, he offers practical solutions to problems & seeks to make things better than they were before.

One time he told me “I do what I do not because I always want to, I do it because it’s important to you & our company & I want to make your job easier.” Doing for others is not always our innate response, but Malik goes out of his way to set his personal preference aside to help out the team.

Malik, thank you for your grit & perseverance. Faith & I are very proud of you!


Shyler Strauss

Pima & Thomas Store Lead

From day one Shyler has always been a hard worker and shows up to be 1% better than how she showed up yesterday. She has worked her way up to being the store lead at Pima & Thomas and leads that crew with grit. She is passionate about her team, the customers and her position. She seeks to understand people and how best she can serve them. It’s been such an honor watching her grow into the leader she is today and she inspires me every day.


Carlos Gonzalez

116th & Shea

I chose Carlos for the 4G Grit award because from the moment he stepped on the floor, he's worked hard to take care of the store and his coworkers to the best of his ability. From being the first one to jump on a task to making each regular feel valued, he always shows up and performs with resilience and excellence.


Jewels Jefferson

Lake Pleasant & Happy Valley

Jewels is the literal definition of always wanting to do 1% better each and every day! She's always looking for ways to improve and sure is a girl who knows how to get stuff done! She’s communicative, enthusiastic, and hardworking! Proud to have her as a part of our crew!


Gabby Rushin

Thompson Peak & Bell

Gabby has always shown determination to be better every time she comes to work. She always asks questions, and she always makes sure to give an extra 1% every day. Her response to constructive criticism is met with action.


Kaylin Beach

Tatum & Thunderbird

Our store chose Kaylin for the Grit Award because she continues to work hard and be there for the team whenever it’s needed most. Kaylin is a strong backbone of our store. Her spirit is uplifting no matter the chaos in store and she continues to keep a positive mindset not only with herself but also with all her coworkers everyday. She’s not just a barista with her team she’s also a friend. Kaylin’s perseverance when shes working illustrates just how much she cares for Black Rock and her team. You rock Kaylin!


Alyssa Anderson

Ellsworth Loop

The reason I choose this person to represent Ellsworth loop is because even through tremendous personal hardships and tragic events that truly define who a person is, Alyssa Anderson never once let that change who she was and continued to show incredible character in times of pain. She continually came to work with a smile, a fabulous work ethic, and a want to be better, even pursuing a position in leadership when sunny days seemed far away. She is a true representative of the definition for Grit. Ellsworth Loop proudly nominates Alyssa Anderson for the 4G Grit award.


Skyla Nicholson

Southern & Gilbert

I chose Skyla because of her ability to put the pedal to the floor no matter what's going on. She's always the first person to volunteer herself and doesn't miss a beat on shift. She's always on her game the moment she clocks in until the moment she leaves.Skyla is an incredible example of someone who is always on the stage and exemplifies what it means to be a hard worker. Her ability to make others laugh during the stressful moments are key to her success as a barista and I'm excited to see this next season she is in!


Phoebe Costa

Williams Field

Since joining our team, I have gotten to see how hard working and eager to learn she is. She is always asking questions and looking for new ways to improve. I can tell how much everyone on our team loves and respects Pheobe, and we are so lucky to have her.


Michael Quintana

I-10 & Broadway

Michael embodies grit in every aspect of his life. He is always dependable and very goal oriented. He is going to school for mechanical engineering and he brings that passion into our workplace by finding ways to make daily tasks easier and more efficient. His enthusiasm and determination will allow him to undoubtedly succeed in whatever he puts his mind to!


Yael-Rose Mercado

67th & Bell

Yael has a great work ethic and is very hard working. She shows up to work every single day with a smile on her face, despite any challenges the day may bring. She always knows how to uplift her peers and is such a light, we are so glad to have her in our store!


Mark Camaya

AZ Roasting/Warehouse

Mark moved from the Crismon store to the Arizona roasting facility almost 2 years ago. From making deliveries in the summer heat, to roasting coffee, to trouble shooting equipment, Mark shows grit by taking on every task with perseverance and a drive for excellence.


Kelyse Kittle

Pima Thomas

We chose this employee because she has shown grit through helping out when needed, going the extra mile to connect with her community, and striving to do her 1% every day!


Emily Aase

The Edge

Emily has transferred from Washington and has become one of our up an comers. She has made friends with everyone she meets, worked hard to learn the differences between the 2 states, and has faced a few issues along the way. Her grit to work thru those issues show she deserved this award!


Kianna McManus

Accounting Team

Kianna shows up every day determined to get it right, make it better, and help anyone who could use a hand. She's not afraid to dig in, even if it takes extra work or time, to make sure that the numbers she's producing are accurate. You always know you can "count" on her (ha, ha, accounting jokes).


Payton Darago

AZ Store Lead

Payton has always shown all aspects of being an all around amazing individual. Not only in the work place but also in her personal life. She has always stepped up and gone the extra mile for her team and continues to do so. She is a great example of servant leadership and she never fails to give her 110% every day.


Marley Rus

AZ Store Lead

Marley is what I like to call a natural leader. She is passionate and drive, not only for her customers but for her team. She is compassionate to be their for them as a listening ear and a motivater for them inside and outside of the store. A leader like this puts everyone else before herself and leads them fearlessly in the great times and in the tough times. She can take a far from ideal situation and through determination turns it into a positive experience to motivate her team in unique ways. Grit is a perfect example of who Marley is as a leader with passion and perseverance she can and does lead her team through anything!


Joshua Runge

35th & Greenway

I am nominating Joshua because since day one he has shown how driven and determined he is. He comes into his shifts with every intention to tackle the tasks that are given to him. He is a strong leader and is always right there when anyone needs a hand. Josh works hard, moves with intention, and never fails to make his team laugh.
He has such a kind heart and really pours into those around him. I see Josh leading his team and being an example of what this company is all about by giving 100% every shift. Not only does he show up for his team, but josh constantly gives me reason to believe i can trust him to run the show on bar any day of the week, kill it on coffee-less, push those drinks out on window, and give customers the best experience no matter the circumstances. I am super proud of his performance but also proud of the way he treats those around him and pushes himself, me, and the team to exceed more and more every single day.
He really is an great illustration of what it looks like to be an amazing team leader.


Madison Meyer

AZ Store Lead

Madi is the epitome of GRIT. She has just recently begun her career at black rock and has worked relentlessly since her beginning. She is always the hardest worker on shift and in turn, makes the others around her work harder as well. She has stepped in her management role in a quick yet impactful fashion. Plus this Alaskan can kill a cougar with her bare hands, THATS GRIT



Eliana Martinez

Broadway & Mineral

Eliana had been an outstanding employee from the start. She is eager to do well and shows out every time she’s on shift. It’s obvious cares about Black Rock and our community! I chose her as an example of grit because she has been faced with a number of of odd and strenuous circumstances at work and has persevered through it all, still showing up and showing out for our customers and our team. I am proud to have her in the BR family!


Olivia Rapp

Union and Ulster

Olivia always puts a smile on the face of anyone she comes into contact with. Anyone who comes through DTC and interacts with her is likely to get a good laugh and feel better about their day. She always steps up to the challenge and is constantly looking for new ways to help her team!


Haley Blomquist


Haley is such a joy to have apart of the team!! She has shown so much growth from when she started, it's impressive. Even being a full time student and athlete she still gives her job at Black Rock 110% effort every shift. From her customer connections, teamwork skills, reliability, and smiles we are grateful to have Haley apart of the BR family.



Jayla Del Rio

Ustick & Cloverdale

Jayla has such an honest and loving heart. She leads with love and light 💡 with every new challenge- she faces it head on. I'm proud to call her my friend and teammate!


Austin Snoodgrass

Broadway & Howe

What does true grit and Austin have in common? Passion and perseverance. Austin has had some huge mountains to climb and that has not diminished his light. His excitement, and dedication to his team and Blackrock is very evident daily. We are so lucky to have you apart of the BR fam. We love you!


Mackenzie Endrody

Fairview & Eagle

Mackenzie has been with the stand for four months and has been a great addition to the stand. No matter what is going on in her personal life she is always ready to have a great shift. She leads a great example on how to handle anything that is thrown at you and to push through it. She is the true example of what grit is.


Harlie Mounce

Chinden & Linder

Harlie goes out of her way to do anything and everything! She pushes through every tough customer and the toughest days! She's a part time student, full time dog mom and is engaged and even with all that going on she still pushes forward and makes everyones day brighter! While only working for black rock for two months she has two years of coffee experience and was the best addition to our crew!



Brooke Cooper

Boyer 82nd

Brooke always goes above and beyond, with a smile on her face. She is always the first to cover a shift, and always comes in with the best attitude!


Cheyanne Ferrall

Harvey’s HWY 211th

Cheyenne exemplifies the 4G "Grit" at our store. She thrives during a rush, pushes through even when she’s not feeling 100% and is a team player. Always offering to stay late and help out store leads whenever possible. Cheyenne is reliable when it comes to putting in hard work and we’re so happy to have her on our team!


Clara McCabe

Capitol & Barbur

Clara shows resilience and leads her team with strong integrity everyday. She leads by example, which is one of the greatest displays of Grit. Clara shows Grit both in the store daily and outside of the store, representing Black Rock and the qualities in her daily life.


Maryssa Heis

Division 182nd

Maryssa is by far one of the best baristas I have had the pleasure of working alongside with at Blackrock! She is one of the best leaders at Division, always wanting her coworkers to be the best versions of themselves. She takes the initiative to make sure everyone is on the same page, whether that be regarding recipes, flow, chores or anything else going on in the shop. Maryssa is a barista who has endless potential due to the fact that she is always willing to learn & grow! She passes the knowledge she has on to anyone who will listen, & plays a key leadership role at Division!


Chlo Reyes

Maple 99

Chlo is one of the most hard working people I know, persevering through any hard times and giving their all during shifts with absolute grit and passion. The best customer service!! So proud of the barista/person they’ve become ❤️


Jess Vorobets

Halsey & 122nd

Jess is a big leader in our store! She is always a steady presence through rushes, a solid friend when you need one, and a person you can always rely on. We're super thankful to have her at our store!


Molly Olivera

Garden Home & Oleson

I chose Molly because she embodies the 4 G's (especially grit) every single day. She always brings the best energy and goes above and beyond for her team and customers. Whether they are coming through for their first time or are a regular, Molly has the ability to make genuine connections and makes each customer leave feeling special. It’s been so amazing watching her grow and thrive not only as a barista but as a leader as well!


Lily Beck

Naeve 99

Lily is one of the hardest workers I know, she is always going above and beyond no matter the task. She is always willing to help anyone and everyone out without being asked! She motivates everyone around her to work hard and always has a smile on her face as well as a positive attitude.


Maya Graham

Forest Grove

I chose Maya because she exemplifies GRIT on a daily basis. Maya is a rockstar barista who always steps up and does the hardest tasks. She’s always covering shifts, working long hours, and staying late when it’s needed. When in the middle of a crazy rush, she remains calm and pushes through. It’s always a good day when I get to work next to Maya!

Maya is a great representation of Black Rock and our values. I know everyone around her is extremely proud of her, including her brother Ladd.


Amirah Abraham

99 and 71st

Amirah embodies Grit in every shift she works. Amirah recently started working for black rock and has truly shined at her job, she put a lot of effort into learning everything she could about being a black rock barista and continues to push to be the best she can! Her willingness to lend a helping hand and connect with customers is amazing to see grow! Plus she is always rocking some cute outfits while she is working!


Anna Yoder


She has been an absolute delight to have at work. She has stepped up with the current changes happening at our stand and showed her grit and perseverance in so many ways. She is really an all star at our stand and it wouldn't be the same without her!


Lily Koloen

Beaver Creek & Molalla Ave

Lily is the perfect candidate for GRIT because she has passion, perseverance, and courage. No matter the obstacles in front of her she is going to crush them no matter what it takes. She is hard working and will exceed expectations and then some. She’s just the best!


Isabelle Augustine

Baseline & 185th

I chose Izzy for this because she has grown so much. It is awesome to see her interact with customers and how genuine she is, she has made many great friendships with all our customers. That is something I think is so important and shines our culture hugely. She is such a great example for all of our team. And she has a lot of grit and grace when it comes to learning. I love her passion and eagerness!


Kyle Steelman


Kyle has shown incredible growth both with his skills on bar and his daily connections with customers. He makes it his goal every day to remember customers names and orders. His eagerness to learn and grow as a barista makes him the obvious choice. He always comes in with an amazing attitude and always wants to help! We appreciate you Kyle!


Raquel Mittelbusher

Walker & 150th

Raquel is the best assistant I could ask for! I'm so happy she joined us at walker back in September and was just an amazing girl/ barista from the start. She goes above and beyond at what it means to be a BR barista, leader, and teammate. She is the sweetest individual to both customers, and the crew. She's such a hard worker, always helps out in every way she can and comes in everyday with the best attitude. Raquel definitely deserves the 4-G award because of all the growth she's made already here at BR!!


Codi Carlson

Powell & 82nd

Always helpful! Kicks ass, and is ready to work.


Madason Bays


Madason exemplifies all of our 4G's, but if you're making me choose, then grit is where she thrives. She will be there for her people no matter the circumstance and shows up every day ready to concur anything thrown her way. This last year has tested people’s grit, drive, determination, whatever we want to call it, and Madason reminds me daily that moving forward and pushing through and problem solving really do work and make us more efficient and better leaders. She makes every store she’s in feel important and like they are top priority - because to her, they are. I personally wouldn’t have made it through this last season without her and her Grit. Thankful for this one.


Brittney Sunnell

OR Regional Manager

Brit is the kind of leader that you can count on at any time or day of the week. She leads her teams by working side by side with them and consistently pushes them to higher levels. Brittney is such a resilient leader and we are so lucky to have her on our team!


Hannah Glennon


Hannah has been through some things recently that make life straight out rough. But, she has the BIGGEST heart - though it may be hard, she continues daily to come pour her love into all her coworkers and customers. The grit she demonstrates is inspiring, and she may not see it, but everyone around her knows that her light is always shining through even in the dark times!! Love you Han, you deserve this!


Breanna Capaci

OR Store Lead

Bre has shown continuous grit throughout her time at BR. Her commitment to her store and team have been proven time and time again. She has faced set backs and always comes out stronger on the other side. She leads her team with positivity and puts in the work everyday to achieve her goals.


Sadie Lopez-Felix

OR Store Lead

Sadie has been a rockstar, she has done all the hard things to make her store run at 100% while keeping the culture exceptional!



Carly Vale


Carly has shown tremendous improvement within her time in our store. She shows up, sets a great example, works faster and harder every day.

Appreciate you Carly!


Jazmin Cockrell

Katy Parkway Marketplace

Jazmin represents grit because she has been unstoppable since I met her. This girl consistently shows up for us and shows grace day to day. She is a role model to her peers and not a day goes by that she can’t be depended on. She exemplifies all 4G’s of Black Rock everyday but her willingness to take on whatever comes her way can’t go unrecognized.


Jack Burt

City Square West

Jack has shown an immense amount of Grit from day one! From the start, he has shown passion and motivation to be a better version of him self each and every day! Recently promoted to Assistant Store Lead, I could not be more grateful for such a hardworking compassionate role model!

You're the best Jack!!


Elysia Papion

The Point 620

Elysia always comes in with the best energy! She stays positive in every situation and always has a smile on her face. She shows up, works hard, and is always curious about what she could be doing better.


Camille Moody

The Shops at Woodbridge

Camilie is the definition of a hard worker. She shows up everyday with a positive attitude and smile on her face ready to work hard. Sense opening up 4 short months ago the leadership and growth from Camille has been truly amazing to witness. She continues to go above and beyond to serve and connect with our customers and make sure they feel loved. A true gem to have part of our team!


Anna Schneider

TX Store Lead

Anna picked up and moved halfway across the country to help Black Rock open up a new market in Dallas Texas! She didn’t just move away from her home where she grew up but took on a whole new set of challenges that differed from her day-to-day back in Oregon. Anna has displayed GRIT in more ways than one! Working 12+ hour days, training a brand new crew from scratch, and working for nearly a month straight to help her new crew are just a few examples of how she has displayed GRIT. No matter what gets thrown at her she arises to the challenge with courage and resolve! Congrats Anna, keep grinding and inspiring those around you!



Elyse Degerstedt

Union & 192nd

I chose Elyse because she's like the backbone of our team. She is such a hard worker and always encourages and pushes us all through every situation.


Jonny Kukula

Fourth Plain & Grand

Jonny is the type of employee every manager wants. Always showing up when needed, helping wherever he can, and keeping a positive energy in the stand despite whatever is going on in his personal life.


Alyx Moon

134th & 20th

Alyx is always going above and beyond in our store. You can tell she's extremely passionate about her job by the way she interacts with her customers and team; always trying to raise the bar! She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and always tackles problems head-on. She is consistently looking for ways to improve our store, whether it's focused on organization, cleanliness or customer service. Alyx is a great lead on our team and is always ready to lend a helping hand. :)


Jennifer Joyce

164th & 1st

Jen is hilarious! She is always willing to take the xtra step! Customers love her and her fellow employees love her. She is a great employee we love having her around!


Raigan Page

4th & Andresen

I chose Raigan for Grit, because she works extremely hard everyday. She is a calming presence at the store on those crazy busy days. She stays focused and always puts the customers first! She puts a lot of effort into chores and daily cleaning. She inspires others to do what's right. Raigan is always willing to stay later or pick up a shift when needed. We love Raigan!!!


Taylor York

Andresen & 88th

Taylor always goes above and beyond with passion and a positive attitude no matter what day or time it is! She is a perfect example of grit.


Amber Kopp

WA Regional Manager

Amber consistently leads by example with her teams and always demonstrates her leadership by showing up daily in any way she can. Striving for excellence and setting goals to absolutely crush is second nature to her. We can always count on her to be a team player and follow through with her actions!


Mary Skorobogatava

Mill Plain

Mary is an excellent representation! She comes in everyday and looks at the bright side of things and is always striving to be a better person/worker! I hear her talk about how much she loves this job all the time and how grateful she is to have found such a positive fun job to work for! Mary is always someone people can count on and for that, we are grateful to have her at Black Rock!!


Levi Mondry

76th & 500

Levi has transitioned to store lead position at 76th flawlessly. He shows grit in store through his commitment to never leave his team down. He will stay hours past his shift or be in on his days off to make sure everything is in tip top shape!


Micah Brown

164th & 20th

Micah is optimistic, hilarious, and great at his job. He’s an excellent example of what Black Rock strives for.


Amber Penner

WA Store Lead

As a manager, Amber utilizes the characteristics of grit by setting goals, aiming for excellence and having courage to try something new. I have seen Amber set a number of goals and exceed them. She is constantly reevaluating where the stand can improve and is not timid about trying something new to surpass expectations.