The 4G's of Black Rock

  • Grit

    Grit is that unshakable voice inside that pushes you forward through the hard things and that says you are building a better future that you just can't quite see yet. This is the team member that shows grit when things are tough. They always get the job done with passion and perseverance leading the way through tough times.

  • Growth

    This team member has shown tremendous growth in becoming a Rock Star Black Rock employee. They have grown in their customer service and their knowledge about all operations.

  • Gratitude

    Living in Gratitude and keeping a thankful perspective gives us the push that we need to believe in the good that is coming, and to believe in ourselves when an opportunity arises. The Grateful team member exudes joy. They love to serve others and love to push every conversation, every interaction and every situation into a positive direction.

  • Grace

    No one gets up in the morning with the intent to do their job poorly, no one intends to let the struggles that they are experiencing sabotage them. This team member looks for ways to help and encourage others. They seek to understand others and they act with humility.



Ashley Pope

Hampton & Higley

Throughout her time at Black Rock, Ashley has always been a goofy, beacon of fun. Her contagious laugh brings up the spirits of anyone around. Even when life throws obstacles her way, Ashley perseveres with a smile, finding the silver lining of every situation. Grit is exemplified through Ashley on a daily basis, through her optimistic outlook in every situation.


Taelin Averett

Arizona Ave & Frye

I chose Taelin for this award because she never stops. No matter what is going on she is always the person to step up and take one for the team. Her hard work, attitude and effort always shows regardless of the kind day or shift she is having. She is always the first one to offer help and pick up shifts! She brings so much joy into the store and continues to amaze me each and everyday. I can’t wait to see what she does and how she grows in and out of work!


Eliana Bravo

San Tan

Eliana is the one person I know I can go to for anything. She has the best attitude and still can laugh even when she's drowning in blondies. Day after day she walks in with a smile on her face no matter what she has going on and shows up to kick butt!


Alex Corridan

Crismon & Baseline

I chose Alex for the Grit award because she always pushes through the tough times at any point during the day. There have been several mornings where things just aren't going her way, but she manages to take action, get the job done and has never complained about it once. She gives every task her all and has a voice that everyone listens to. She continues to prove herself more and more each day and has that sense of leadership that people follow!


Kendyl Dumont

Higley & Hampton

Kendyl is so hardworking and dedicated to her community and her crew. She has the drive and passion of an amazing leader and helps push her store to be the best they can be!


Sasha Bowens

35th & Greenway

Sasha is one of the hardest working human beings I have ever met. By doing everything with so much kindness she makes it so easy to respect her work ethic. She shows perseverance through any and every kind of situation and never looses sight of what her goal and black rocks goal is, which is to make an impact on every customer. Sasha has proven that she is trustworthy by all means by working through those rough shifts and giving the feedback needed to help our store run to the best of its ability. We’re so thankful for Sasha and all she does!


Olivia Wilkens

67th & Bell

She is an amazing employee you and so quick on bar!! She always is picking up shifts and really helping in any way she can!!


Ella Pribble

Lake Pleasant & Happy Valley

Ella is always willing to do whatever it takes to help the store and the people around her. In and out of store she continues to look out for people and keep their best interest in mind!! So happy to have you here, Ella! We love you!!


Rachel Grako-Stark

Power & Ray

I chose Rachel because she is the hardest worker no matter what life throws at her! There wasn’t a lot of time to train her for the assistant role, but she stepped in and took it with grace and took on all challenges that came with it. It has been amazing to see her grow from barista to assistant, and see the way she interacts with co-workers and customers. She is a true exemplification of grit.


Sydney Good

116th & Shea SL

I nominated Kelyse because she consistently pushes through any problem she runs into with good energy and a positive mindset! Kelyse strives to give her 100% every day, and encourages her team to do the same. She sets the bar extremely high for herself & for her team through her determination, energy, and mindset!


Kailynn Ketelson

7th Ave & Dunlap

Kailynn is the best when is comes to being ready to hustle everyday!! This girl is always doing things to better herself and always working hard for the crew! She’s very passionate about her work and comes in everyday with a positive energy that leaves customers with a smile and a positive work environment for her team!
Great job Kailynn girl!!


Chaynee Munday

The Edge

Chaynee fits the perfect definition of grit. He is always full of determination to get a task finished. Chaynee has faced a few challenges along the way after moving from Kentucky to Arizona but has shown true grit pushing through those challenges. He is an extremely hard working person and shows up each and every shift ready to take on whatever comes his way. We are so thankful to have Chaynee on our team at the Edge.


Devin Hurley

Dysart & Thomas

Devin exemplifies grit is so many ways. He comes in every day ready to work and build up his community. He will do whatever you ask him to do no questions asked. He always comes in with the best attitude and really brings up everyone around him.


Jacob Rodriquez

Arizona Regional Manager

Jacob, comes in kills every single shift and will grind no matter what is thrown his way! He has grown in every way in our stand and supports everyone around with a helpful hand and is always ready to pour into whatever or whoever!


Haleigh Hunt

Pima & Thomas

Haleigh has been through the entirety of Pima and Thomas' nearly 3 year history and stuck with us through it all! No matter what happened the night before, she does her best to come in with a clean slate, and has incredibly found room to improve during her time here as well! The quintessential definition of a solid vet, we are forever grateful to have Haleigh at our stand!


Luke Olson

Ellsworth Loop

Luke Olson has been in the coffee business for over 5 years! Through the time of working with Luke at BR, he has shown grit to keep showing up every day and does the best he can!

He always goes above and beyond to set an incredible example for our crew. We are very thankful for all of his hard work and funny jokes to keep things lighthearted during the busy hours! Thank you for being you, Luke!


Amber Ashton

Power & Ray

I chose Amber because of her relentless efforts to make sure her crew and store are running at its highest potential every single day. Amber continues to never take the easy way out on anything and always makes it a priority to have things done correctly. She is the perfect example of a SL with grit.


Hallee Jessee

Southern & Gilbert

Hallee is an amazing leader and is a perfect example of grit. Daily she demonstrates grit and always leads by example. In and out of work she’s always pushing herself to be better than the day before. She has the best mindset and is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met! She has grown so much as a manager and is going to do great things!


Karlee Gustine

Val Vista & Queen Creek

Karlee is a great example of the 4Gs. She comes in everyday with an amazing attitude and is willing to do any job tasked to her! You the best Karl!


Sarah Drews

Alma School & Ocotillo

When asked to pick someone who shows GRIT at work, the first person who came to mind was Drews. She joined us late last year and has continued to show us what a strong asset she is to our crew. She is the definition of a team player and never fails to come into work with a smile on her face. Regardless of what she may be dealing with outside of the store, it gets left at the door and she is ready to kick ass as soon as she walks in!


David Lehrer


We chose David for the 4G award for Grit because he's just awesome! David is constantly picking up dropped shifts and giving his all when he’s at the store! He’s helpful, really loves building those customer connections and is overall a great employee full of grit!


Cheyanne Haas

Thompson Peak & Bell SL

Cheyanne deserves this grit award because of her perseverance and passion for her job. She stepped into Thompson Peak as a store lead and has put so much energy and time into making sure her crew and her store succeeds. She cares so much about not only her employees but every customer that walks through that door. Her positive attitude really translates into her crew and has created such an uplifting work environment!!


Kayla Sanicola

Shea & 116th

Kayla is a "yes" girl with no questions asked! Her hussle, drive, and attitude rubs off on her co workers on shift! I can see great things in Kayla's future!:)


Emily Robertson

Golf Links

Emily is one of the hardest workers I know! No matter what her day looks like or what hardships she's gone through, I always know she will put her best foot forward! She has a way of always staying kind and calm.. even during busy chaotic times. She’s always learning and growing from her mistakes.


Claire Mulhausen


Claire was chosen for Grit because she always comes into work with a positive attitude and outlook on her day! She comes in ready to work and constantly giving our customers the best experience. Claire has so much passion for this job, our customers and always willing to help out her coworkers! Keep it up girl!


Alyssa Lawson

Arizona Regional Manager

As a newer Rm, Alyssa's grit was quickly tested when she took over 3 established and busy stores as well as a handful of new leadership and turnover. She showed up with a strong mentality to get it done, and has. The stores never skipped a beat and she came out on the other end of this quarter a champion. This grinding effort and strength of character is the reason why Alyssa is being chosen for the Grit award.


AJ Delucca

Ellsworth Loop

AJ is the definition of grit, never backing down when the going gets tough and giving his all in every aspect of life. He faces every challenge with adversity and resiliency and doesn't stop until the job is done. Always looking out for his baristas, AJ is someone who will always put others first, always gives his all regardless of the situation, and always radiates positivity no matter how stressful things get. AJ gets down and gets to work which is why he's my pick for the 4G award for Grit


Megan Poulson

Ellsworth & Ray

Megan is a shining example of “Grit”. She is someone who comes to work every single day with a smile on her face and that smile never fades. She is always ready to face whatever challenges the day may present and leads with an optimistic spirit! Megan is an absolute champion!


Shyler Strauss

Arizona Regional Manager

Since Shyler has become a regional manager in Arizona she has lead the way through such passion, constant hard work, self motivation and some of the best communication skills we have ever seen! She tackles the tough situations without hesitation and motivates all around her with a truly uplifting and genuine spirit! The level of grit that she leads by inside and outside of her stores is honestly a one of a kind and so incredibly motivating to see her level of dedication and eagerness to always push through, learn and grow! It has been such an honor being able to witness her leadership and shine through the tough situations!


NZ Sadeli

AZ Roasting Facility

NZ is the delivery driver for the AZ Roasting Facility. Not only is he out in the heat every day, he has had to make deliveries with a rental truck for the last several months while our regular van is being repaired from an accident (only in 2022 would it take months). This has make his job harder than it used to be and harder than it should be in more ways that one. This is for sure a very frustrating situation for him but NZ keep showing up and putting in hard work with a smile on his face. Grit in action!


Matt Metzy

Tatum & Thunderbird

Matt is such a hard worker who comes in to work with a positive attitude. He works hard and keeps going everyday pushing the people around him to do better.


Cassie Ortiz

Broadway i10

She never let's the circumstances of the day get to her or effect her attitude. She always remains positive



Kamryn Wilson

Broadway & Mineral

Kamryn is a great example of grit. Whether she just got done with a soccer tournament or a hard math test she always comes into work ready to go and ready to help her team! Even when days get stressful or hard Kam always chooses to push through and keeps her head up for everyone. She always knows the right things to say or do to help the team feel better! She sets the tone of how everyone else is going to feel that day - she cares not only for her customers but for her coworkers too. We are so impressed by her hard work and how she always gives 100% We love you Kammy!!


Ella Maestas

Belleview & Prince

Ella has been a team player ever since she joined Belleview! She is a non-complainer and is always ready to work her shifts and cover others if necessary. She is a very hard worker and she has been instrumental in training new employees as they come in. Her strength and perseverance are apparent every day that she comes into the store!


Dani Raday

Denver Tech Center

Dani is such a hard worker and continues to show up to work everyday ready to go! She hasn't been with black rock for long but she also works 2 jobs and she always gives it her all at work! We love you Dani!


Chris Diaz

Castle Rock

I'm nominating Chris for the Grit 4G award because of his willingness to bring his "all" every day. Chris shows grit by constantly being there for his team, bringing his best even on tough days and being the first one to step up to tasks. It's not easy to show grit day in and day out, but Chris is always working to get better at his job and make the people around him better as well. We are so thankful for his dedication and his readiness to step up and help Black Rock Castle Rock reach our full potential!


Scott Marti

Castle Rock

Scott has stepped into an assistant manager role and has given himself that challenge of learning new things weekly. He always comes into shift, with such positivity and ready to make a new connection each day. With customers or employees, he gives the conversation and connection 100% of his effort. Setting the tone for the entire store, we couldn't ask for a better attitude!


Vanessa Abbatematteo

Broadway Mineral ASL

Vanessa shows grit day in and day out. She always comes in ready to work and ready to lead her team to success! Vanessa has molded into the perfect ASL role for our Broadway and Mineral store and we couldn’t be more proud of her. She leads by example and always has her employees best interests in mind. The customers know when Vanessa’s on shift they will always be taken care of. We love you Vanessa!!



Damon Harris

Fairview Eagle

Damon continues to show hard work every week. He always shows up to work and lights up the room. He continues to push through busy shifts helping everyone out with a smile on his face. Damon shows a lot of grit each day for work.


Dylan Neault

Broadway & Howe

Dylan is the embodiment of grit. She has been through more than any of us but still continues to show up to work with a smile on her face and a great attitude. She's an amazing barista and an even better friend to all of us here in the shop. Even with the last year that she has had, she continues to grow and power through all of it! When I think of grit, she is easily the first that comes to mind!


Courtney Frazier


Courtney always has a good attitude going into every shift. She has recently moved up to a SL position in a different shop and with a different crew. She has really set the example for her new crew, she comes in to every shift ready to go and get the job done!


Natalie White

Broadway Howe ASL

Nat is an absolute machine! She's a fantastic ASL and has been killing it lately in Idaho, strike team in Texas, and grand opening in Tri Cities! She shows “GRIT” inside and outside of the shop by coming to work to grind. Between Idaho, Texas, and Tri Cities she has been showing up and been leading as a fantastic example!


Lauren Anderson

Idaho Regional Manager

Lauren has helped transition Idaho into what it is today. Through the ups and downs Lauren continuously grinds away making each store stand out. Lauren doesn't ask for recognition as she is as humble as they come. We are proud to have her on our team and appreciate how hard she works leading by example day in and day out.



Melody White

Capitol & Barbur

Mel joined us a couple months ago with no prior coffee experience! She quickly fit right in and has been such a rockstar employee. She is kind, hardworking, and determined! She displays grit through her character and constant perseverance. We are so lucky to have her!


Rylee Lautenschlager

Division 182nd

Rylee has gone through a lot of adversity through her first year of working at Blackrock. She has shown tremendous improvement over the past few months and is really growing into her position as a senior barista at our stand. I am so proud of how far Rylee has come over the past year. She continues to grow and improve everyday and has really started to excel in every aspect of being a barista!


Kaden Mohr

Maple 99

Kaden strives for greatness everyday. Making coffee with a smile and creating endless connections, even on the tough days he pulls through with positivity for our crew!


Sara Klug

Garden Home & Oleson

I chose Taija for the growth award because she never settles for anything less than perfection. This girl never stops moving and takes pride in every single thing she does, always with a smile on her face. Taija is always looking for ways to improve, be more efficient and make the best possible connections with customers. I've seen her grow so much both personally and as a barista and we are so lucky to have her on the team!


Madi Montoya

Beaver Creek & Molalla Ave

Madi is a hustler! She is constantly stepping up to the plate and getting things done, no questions asked. Madi is a team player, and that is something I really value in my baristas. She is cruising her way to the top, and I can't wait to see where it takes her!


Maddie Shahparast

Robal Rd.

Maddie has worked so hard in the 3 months she's been at Black Rock and has improved so much. She has such a positive attitude and is always finding something that she wants to improve on. We all love working with Maddie ❤️


Angelie Bertuccio


From day one, Ange has poured her heart into the stand. She does everything A-Z, keeps an extra eye on the store/backstock, and busts drinks out exceptionally speedy. Ange's growth has been a pleasure to witness and we can't wait to see the new heights she'll reach! Truly a platinum-level barista!


Nick Martine


Nick displays tremendous grit. He always shows up ready to work and give his all regardless if he just got off of a 12 hour nursing night shift. He’s always asking questions to make sure he’s always improving. We’re so grateful to have nick at 34!


Raena Gonzalez


Raena has been with us for just over a year now, and never lets me down with her work ethic and push to get things done. She is always there to help, learn new things and cheer her team on. Raena is resilient, always showing up to her shifts with a positive attitude ready to take on the day no matter what she has going on.
We are so thankful for you Raena!!


Tessa Reiss


Tess has shown such determination and been so intentional about her growth, she makes our team better everyday with her positive attitude and willingness to help out where ever needed! Her sunny demeanor puts smiles on the face of our customers and teammates:)


Evelyn Ayers


Since day one, Evelyn has come in with a smile on her face and been ready to work. She has always given 110% no matter the circumstance and never backs down from a challenge! She will take on extra shifts, busy days and everything in between with zero complaints. She is always willing to learn and grow as a barista and become the best version of herself in the store and out! Through everything life gives her, she’s still such a kind soul and an amazing human being. Keizer has so much love for her and we couldn’t be happier to have her! 🎉🤍


Kate Bailey & Madeline Adamske


I had to choose two for this one - Kate and Madi are both great nominees for Grit!! They are two of my main afternoon/closing gals, holding down the evenings for us throughout the weeks 🤞🏻 They have great connections with all the PM regulars who ALWAYS make it known to me that they are some of their favs. They are super dependable, never call out, always available to move or pick up shifts when needed, and always with a good attitude. I’m very appreciative of Kate and Madi and they both deserve to be recognized for Grit this round ☺️


Destiney Perry


Destiney's work ethic, and commitment to BR Eugene from the moment we opened is a perfect example of Grit! Des started out as a barista struggling to learn her her primary and secondary recipes, and now she is an Assistant Store Lead training others to love their job like she does. From franchise world to corporate world, Eugene BR would not be where it is today without her and we love and appreciate her so much!


Willow Boyer


I chose Willow because of how much she's grown into the great barista she is! She is one of the most kind, selfless, and caring person in the stand. I'm so happy to have been her manager to see so much growth in her. I cannot wait to see where it takes her! She grinds and always strives to learn ♥️ Can’t forget she is also one of the funniest on the stand 🤣 We all love you Willow!


Payton Shimanek

Forest Grove

Peyton always shows up ready to go! She has always been a step ahead when working our busiest days. Not only is she always willing to help out, she managed to have an amazing school/work balance and just recently graduated from Pacific University this last month! I can always count on Peyton to be there when we need it and giving our customers a phenomenal experience at window! She is always upbeat and positive, always coming to work with a smile on her face! Forest Grove wouldn't be the same without her!


Hannah Vandamme

Clackamas82nd Dr

When I think of the word GRIT I think of two synonyms: passion and perseverance. Hannah has shown an immense amount of passion to not only coffee making, but to the customers as well. She is passionate about her crew members and her shop as a whole. She has persevered within herself and within the company the past few months and is always striving to reach a new goal and encourages other employees to do so each day. Hannah has been the definition of GRIT lately and I’m proud to have her apart of our crew!


Ivan Bugarin


Ivan is such a hard worker. He goes above and beyond for us every single day. Always willing to help with everything and takes initiative all the time to make sure everything is done. We’re so lucky to have Ivan!


Alicia Aragon


Alicia walks into our store everyday with a smile on her face no matter what we may be dealing with at the time. There are constant challenges in our store that she never lets effect her mood or work ethic. She's always striving for more and looking for ways to better herself as a barista. I'm super lucky to have her on my team and am excited to continue to watch her grow in BR!


Bryton Plankenhorn

Biddle Rd.

Bryton is an incredible person! She is such a hard worker, and no matter the job, she is always happy and willing to help with anything when needed. She takes a lot of pride in her work, too! When she wants something done, she always goes above and beyond to get it done. I know I can always depend on her for anything at all, no matter what it is! She is such a joy to be around and I am so thankful she is a part of this team!


Katherine Sword

Harvey's TVhwy211

Kat always shows up to work with great energy and ready to work and clean up the stand!! This month is her second year with Black Rock and we love having her here!! Here's to many more Kat!


Miranda Sherman


Miranda is very hardworking and always lends a helping hand! We appreciate your can do attitude! Thank you for always being awesome!


Evie Davis


Evie shows grit because of how hardworking she is! She pushes through any situation whether it be a small task or crazy big rush! She is always willing to help and guide others. A true team player!!


Leah Russell


Leahs love for her team and coffee has pushed her through some new obstacles.
While showing up for her customers and co workers, she has shown grit and a true love for learning.


Chelsea Steelman

Division 182nd SL

Chelsea has been crushed it ever since becoming Store Lead! Its been a lot of fun watching her grow from one of the slowest locations in Oregon to one of the busiest. :)


Emily Kulyak

Halsey & 122nd

Grit is defined as “firmness of character; indomitable spirit.” and this is Emily day in and day out. In this season she has planned her wedding, gotten married, and is still a constant, diligent employee. We're super thankful for Em and her spice that she brings with her each day without fail.


Alayna Gomes


Alayna is one hard working barista. She pushes herself everyday to be as efficient as possible when she's on shift, especially during the busy rushes and all with a smile on her face. She's been one of our consistent closers and let's just say no one leaves a shop as squeaky clean as she does.


Myleah Metcalf

Northgate SL

As a veteran Store Lead, Myleah has helped contribute to the growth of new leadership in Southern Oregon. She has taken multiple ASL's under her wing, molded, guided and educated them on the correct way to manage. She shares her experiences and gives examples of what they'll encounter and how to properly navigate this new terrain. New ASL's or SL's know they can count on her for advice and a listening ear. Myleah is invested in their growth and she teaches them the grit and determination they'll need to succeed. She's a gem of a leader than I am honored to have in my back pocket. ❤️


Isaac Luis


I choose Isaac for the 4G Grit nomination because he pushes himself and his team constantly to be the best baristas and people that they can be. He puts his store first and is always offering to help in anyway he can! He's the type of person that goes the extra mile without asking. This store has gone through a big transition period and he's handled it incredibly well. His hard work and determination is greatly appreciated!


Bre Capaci

West Side Regional Manager

Bre has always shown grit in her work ethic, but especially during her transition into a regional manager. Through all obstacles, she has persevered with passion and determination to make her stores and employees the best they can be. I am so proud of you Bre, and the hard work you put in day after day. It's noticed and appreciated!


Olivia Schmidt

Lancaster SL

Olivia brings so much strength to the crew, not only as a Store Lead, but also a member of the team. She is constantly leading by example, takes any direction she is given and runs with it and she isn’t afraid to dive into a messy situation. Above all else Olivia strives to bring fun and positive energy to the stand through her love of the job. Thank you Liv ❤️



Annastacia Arzola

Vista SL

I chose Vista Townsite SL Annie as she represents GRIT on a daily basis! Her ability to overcome any obstacle that might come her way is truly inspiring. Ever since she became the SL for this store, she is always so eager to learn and takes on whatever challenge comes her way head on & with an open mind. She shows up and shows out everyday & is truly such a great leader and even when times get tough she always stays positive and continues to pour her heart into her team and customers no matter what.


Jacob Cunningham


Jake always has a positive attitude. He's eager to help in anyway, and is never afraid to step up and lead his fellow coworkers to success. He not only shows exceptional skills on bar, he also makes every customer smile by taking the time to get to know them. He truly cares about people and this job, and it shows.


Aracely Lopez


Aracely has only been with Vista for about 3 months but since day one she has always came in with an open mind & a positive attitude! Her transition from another coffee shop to Blackrock was difficult in the beginning but she has literally been the definition of Grit. She can troubleshoot on demand & has strengthened not only her coffee building skills but also her ability to be vocal both on bar & in her personal life. Aracely has excelled tremendously & I can’t wait to see where she goes!



Angela Soriano

Waterview Town Center

Angie is undoubtedly one of our strongest and best team players. She’s an endless motivator for her teammates and has grown as a leader in a short amount of time. She sets the standard for the BR culture we’re creating in Texas.


Ryan Garcia

Bay Area Blvd (Webster)

Since Ryan’s start at Black Rock, the path to success has not been an easy one. But, through perseverance and constant hard work, he has proven to be one of our strongest links. He is constantly bettering himself, helping our team learn and grow, and showing his heart in every project he takes on. He embodies “Grit” and our team is very lucky to have him. We are so proud of you, Ryan!


Anna Yang

Lantana Place (Austin)

Anna is an invaluable member of our team and consistently displays grit in our store. I am continuously in awe of her strength and determination to be a full time student, as well as an irreplaceable part of our store’s culture and community. It is an honor to work beside her and to be inspired by her work ethic!


Danyel Tillman

Parkway Marketplace

Danyel has been a great example of GRIT since the second she has started with us! She is incredibly hard working and helpful. She has only been with us for a short period, but has made a huge impact on my team. She is a true leader and someone I completely trust to hold it down. She shows up everyday and crushes it. From bar, to training, to chores, she exemplifies the qualities of a rock star employee. Danyel came from a job were she was undervalued and never recognized for what she did. WELL DANYEL, thank you for being you and everything you have given to this team as an employee. I am incredibly grateful to have you!


Laine Murphy

Round Rock

We chose this employee due to her “Work Hard, Play Hard” attitude and the GRIT she puts into her tasks. Laine has always came into her shifts giving it 102% and doing what is needed from her with no hesitation. Sometimes going that extra mile to make sure the job is done to perfection.

She is a Rock Star and we are grateful to have her on the team!


Cree Crawfod

Grapevine Hwy

Cree has been a part of the Black Rock family since the beginning of April. She consistently shows up on time and ready to work.
She’s proved herself to be a quick learner and is never afraid to ask questions due to her eagerness to learn. From the opening of our stand, she has also demonstrated leadership through her willingness to help and teach her coworkers. Cree is a joy to work with and we couldn’t be happier to have her as a member of our family at Grapevine.


Kyla Dearing

Star Ranch

Kyla was instantly the first person I thought of when we were asked to nominate for GRIT. Being hired in the process of a brand new store is tough, but she showed up every day, ready to be that 1% better each time that we always strive to be. She becomes better and better each shift, and continues to be a positive light in our store. Extra thankful that she’s my barista 🤍


Joel Garcia

Green Oaks

Joel continuously shows up with a positive attitude, ready to take on the day. He motivates those around him with his bubbly personality. Joel works at BlackRock while also studying Biology, with a goal to someday work in the field. His hard work is never unnoticed and our team is lucky to have him!


Mason Cuellar

Easton Commons

This employee never fails to exemplify true Grit as a BR employee. Day in and out he strives to do the best he can and help in any way he can. From making sure each customer leaves with a smile and making sure his coworkers laugh with a stupid dad joke, to making sure the stand looks brand new! Mason looks out for those around him and it doesn’t go unnoticed the hard work he puts in!



Randi Hirn

Washington Regional Manager

Randi is the hardest worker in the room and exemplifies grit on a daily basis. She shows up with a great attitude, leads by example with her teams, and would never ask her team to do anything she wouldn't do herself. She is always striving to be the best she can be as a leader. We are beyond lucky to have her on our team!


Mackenzie Gill

164th & 1st

I chose Kenzie for the 4G award because she is is an active example of grit. She shows up to work every single day and excels in her position. Going above and beyond while leading by example. She works hard for everything she wants and is constantly wanting to know how to self improve. Kenz is extremely outgoing, full of life and will happily befriend anyone! She is a staple to our store and we are so grateful to have her!!


Grant Curtis

164th & 20th

Grant is amazing at his job. He cares about making connections with customers. He is always there when someone needs help. He uplifts everyone around him with his sense of humor and constant smile. He deserves 4G because he is a great example of what we strive for every day. 164th and 20th appreciates you forever and always, Grant!!


Abby Towell

Andresen & 88th

Abby has only been working with us for a short while, but she has shown so much grit already! She is always the first to offer to help out in any way she can even when her schedule is full! Abby pushes through no matter how busy it is and is always willing to learn more to be better and better! We are so grateful to have her on our team:)


Elizabeth Baughman

Battle Ground

The five characteristics that come to mind when I think of grit are courage, consistency, perseverance, resilience and passion. Lizzy has always gone above and beyond demonstrating every way of grit. The positive light she brings into the store every single shift is always a breath of fresh air. I have watched her continue to grow and push through every obstacle life has ever thrown at her. Not only does she inspire me to always be better, but I know our entire store feels the same exact way. Battle Ground as a whole as so much love for you.


Brittany Nagy


Brittany has a growth mindset and fears no challenge. She embraces difficulty with critical thinking and openness to out of the box solutions. Her ability to not hesitate to find resolve is above others. She is never defeated and always rises above. I find myself believing she could accomplish anything she sets her mind to because she has the confidence and grit to get through it all. She is leaving Black Rock later this summer to become a pilot and I hope some of you are lucky enough to catch a flight with her one day. Thank you for being you, Brittany!


Hailey Clark

Mill Plain & 136th

Hailey is an overall outstanding person! Always humble in everything she does and gives herQ best attitude every day she comes to work! We are so lucky to have her on our team and as a friend.


Daniel Esquivel

Kennewick (Downtown)

Daniel surprises me every single day in the workplace. He is always so uplifting and positive! Puts a smile not only on customer faces but everyone in the store! His energy is contagious! His work ethic goes beyond expectations! We call him Dan the man for a reason!


Lexi Berry

Rd 68

I've chosen to nominate Lexi for her all around 4G spirit. She is always there for our shop, helping out in our biggest times of need. Lexi pushed herself to succeed in the transition to Black Rock and learning new recipes all while maintaining a positive spirit. Every day she comes in with a positive attitude and ready to serve the Tri-Cities with a smile. I'm looking forward to continuing to watch her grow with Black Rock.


Kassadi Suitonu


Kassadi is a team player with a positive attitude. She always leads by example.


Jaydren Chavez

Van Giesen

Jay is always dressing to impress and showing that he wants to be here every shift. he's always spreading his positivity and humor throughout the stand making everyones shifts brighter. we all love having him here and can't wait to see how much he grows in this company!!!!!!


Erika Tovar

Hwy 395

Erika always comes to work with a positive boosting attitude and work ethis! She is great with using her time wisely as well as always staying busy during those slow hours!


Marisa Duran

Pasco 20th

She has shown growth throughout the quarter; also has stepped up when we needed an opener. We love MARI!!!! :)


Brooklyn Asai


Brooklyn is one of the hardest working individuals I've ever been around! Between work, school, and always finding something fun and interesting to experience, she doesn't let any of life's struggles keep her down. We love and appreciate Brook's ability to leave problems at the door, and lead the team in a fun, positive manner ❤️


Keyonah Kirkland


I saw this definition of grit that read: "to have the drive, stamina and determination to push through any challenge or obstacle thrown your way until you succeed", and I immediately thought of Keyonah. She is someone I see consistently persevere and achieve every goal she sets out to accomplish. She is courageous, which I've seen shine more than ever this past month. She is strong, resilient, and refuses to give up. Keyonah's grit-mind strengthens all of our strengths!


Melissa Kruckman

4th Plain Grand SL

Melissa is the perfect example of hard work and GRIT. She is down in the trenches with her team and equally celebrates at the top of the mountain when things are going well. She never complains and always leads by example. She would never ask anyone to do something that she hasn't or wouldn't do herself. You gotta have grit to run drive thrus near downtown, and Mel is full of it. :) Happy to have you, blessed to know you.


Stephen Donely

Tri-Cities Regional Manager

Stephen is the definition of GRIT. His resilience is what stands out the most. Stephen sets his goals and follows through without wavering. He works really hard to follow through on commitments within Black Rock and his personal life. As well as always persevering when he faces obstacles. We are grateful to have him apart of the Black Rock team.


Ruby Tapia

Aaron Drive

Ruby has only been here for about a month and has shown great skills and has picked up on everything so quickly! She isn't afraid to ask questions and always completes her tasks in the short amount of time that she's been here.


Caitlyn Hossfeld


Caitlyn is one of the most adaptable managers I've had the pleasure of working with. She takes initiative and leads by an example daily. Her ability to juggle multiple tasks while keeping her focus on her people, never ceases to amaze me. She's making some huge strides in such little time. I'm stoked to see where her future in Black Rock takes her.


Demi Garza

Columbia Center Blvd

Demi is my pick for multiple reasons. She started here with no barista experience and has grown so much in the few months she's been at Black Rock with us, not only has she grown but she takes constructive criticism super well and uses it to grow into an even better barista every time. We had a difficult situation with staffing recently and Demi was awesome in the shop and helped our trainees learn everything they needed to be shop ready. She shows up everyday for her team and brings her best work ethic and attitude with her, she never lets a situation crumble her and provides the best customer service out that window no matter what.


Mars Movic

Kennedy 086

Mars has been an amazing ASL for our Kennedy location. She has worked extremely hard since she stepped into this position and has shown true grit by facing each challenge brought to this store head on the while keeping a smile on not only her face but the team’s as well. We are truly grateful for all her hard work!


Jessica Kovall


She has improved a lot on her customer service and as usual is a joy to work with, great attitude at all times !


Dreyden Cossalter

Kennewick 27th

Consistently sets the tone for his shop. any arising issue handles with Grace and sets a great example in shop


Madeline March


Maddy has been a beacon of joy and positivity in our area. She has been an anchor at her location from day one. She was recently been promoted to SL at her location and the store has not missed a beat. At every step of the process no matter the challenge she has faced it with a smile on her face. Her excitement and love for her shop, team, and customers is unparalleled. It is a joy to work with her.


Hunter Schwartz


For GRIT... I have to give credit to Hunter. Hunter is an outstanding barista and strong member of our team here at Edison. When he isn't catching up on his favorite anime's or practicing his Jedi mind tricks, he showcases his strong character and never fails to go above and beyond for everyone in the shop and the guests who come through every single day! There are too many times I have heard other baristas in shop say something along the lines of, "I can't wait to see Hunter today," and that is amazing he makes his presence felt by everyone in such a positive way. Thanks for always being yourself and being a motivating force in our shop! We all got a lot of appreciation and love for you, man!


Courtney Major

Andresen 88th

Courtney consistently shows grit in store. She has never once let her store or team down and is always taking the extra step to make sure everyone is set up for success. Andresen 88th is a better stand because of the hard work that Courtney demonstrates


Zach Green


Zach is always the first person on it whether it be shots, running or grabbing window and they always do it with a smile on their face and a great attitude. They never fail to get the rest of the shop into a great mood and is truthfully an absolute King of Morale in the shop.


Taylor Tonn


I chose Taylor because she comes in everyday ready to crush any challenge that the day brings, and she does everything with such a positive attitude. I've never seen Taylor have a bad day. She is always smiling and always working hard. She stays busy, and motivates her co-workers just by being her! We are lucky to have Taylor around!


Jasmine Chaiyasith

Union 192nd

Jasmine is the embodiment of grit. She not only has an excellent work ethic and overall attitude but she is unapologetically herself. She is an individual who leads by example and is an integral member of our team!


Peter Orlando

Salmon Creek

Peter is an absolute rockstar! He shows up every shift determined to support the team and put his best foot forward when times get a little rocky. He's one of the most consistent baristas we have! Always showing up ready to take on whatever the day has in store. We're very lucky to have him on our team.


Talon Garner


Talon is always willing to help out as best as he can. His attendance is on point and goes above and beyond to help out teammates when needed. He always shows compassion when needed and knows what to say to brighten the spirits of others around him. He kills every single shift he works without a complaint as well as getting compliments from teammates for his hard word. Talon knows how to get the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible being a prime example to newer baristas.