The 4G's of Black Rock

  • Grit

    Grit is that unshakable voice inside that pushes you forward through the hard things and that says you are building a better future that you just can't quite see yet. This is the team member that shows grit when things are tough. They always get the job done with passion and perseverance leading the way through tough times.

  • Growth

    This team member has shown tremendous growth in becoming a Rock Star Black Rock employee. They have grown in their customer service and their knowledge about all operations.

  • Gratitude

    Living in Gratitude and keeping a thankful perspective gives us the push that we need to believe in the good that is coming, and to believe in ourselves when an opportunity arises. The Grateful team member exudes joy. They love to serve others and love to push every conversation, every interaction and every situation into a positive direction.

  • Grace

    No one gets up in the morning with the intent to do their job poorly, no one intends to let the struggles that they are experiencing sabotage them. This team member looks for ways to help and encourage others. They seek to understand others and they act with humility.



Mallory Patton


You will never catch Mallory without a smile. She is so selfless and is always one to help out her crew wherever she can. She's always pouring love into our customers and making sure she's making their experience count day in and out. She is always in such a cheerful and happy mood no matter the chaos going on in the day. Everyone on the team loves and appreciates all that she does and she immediately lights up a room when she walks in!


Livia Howard

Arizona Ave & Frye

Liv is one of the hardest workers I've ever met and she has the best attitude no matter what task she’s given. She always come in with a smile on her face and ready to bring her sweetness with her! I can always count on liv to bring a smile to everyone she meets


Phoebe Costa

San Tan

Pheobe is constantly showing acts of grace. Her huge heart and love for others is what makes her an easy candidate for this 4G award. Having her in store is reassuring because I know she’s always looking out for others and having their best interest in mind. She’s always stood out in this aspect and I’ve been waiting for months to give this award to her. Great job girl!


Austin Ganucheau

Crismon & Baseline

I immediate thought of Austin when thinking of a person that encompasses the quality of grace. Austin is always a positive energy on shift and always gives others the benefit of the doubt when they may be having an off day. She is always looking for ways to help and support her coworkers on shift and make them feel uplifted. Austin is that person that everyone is happy to be on shift with, and she has a unique way of making those around her feel loved. Crismon is lucky to have her!


Kade Benshoof

Higley & Hampton

Kade is the kind of person everyone needs to have around. When I stole him from Dutch, I knew I had an incredible worker coming to join our team. Whatever work, or life, may throw at him, Kade handles with ease. From early mornings to just before close, you can find him cracking jokes with every person who walks in the door. He exceeds in building deep personal relationships with everyone; not only regulars, whether they be 18 or 80, but also fellow members of his team. Kade is dependable, and his energy is contagious. Plus, he can do crazy math in his head.


Olivia Sticler

35th & Greenway

Olivia is and always has been a killer employee who moves with intention and treats her customers with the utmost kindness. She's one who comes in always ready to give it her all and be there for her team. She is always ready to pick up a shift, always moving with intention and puts everyone in the best mood with her happy, loving, intentional attitude that she brings to work.
We are lucky to have someone like Olivia as a part of our team here at greenway!


Evan Dowling

67th & Bell

Evan has improved so much over the last few months not only as a Barista but as a person too. He continues to grow every single day and he truly learned from his mistakes and found his groove at Black Rock. He is a funny and goofy person that you always love having on shift, you can count on him for anything! I am very proud of how far Evan has come and I’m grateful to have him as part of my crew!


Gabriela Robles

67th & Bell Manager

Gabby shows grace in every decision, interaction, and action she takes. She loves her employees and customers and values relationship above all. Through all the changes the last few months she has always pushed through and led her crew with grace and love. I am proud of the leader she’s becoming and excited for her growth and for what’s to come!


Emma Dobson

Lake Pleasant & Happy Valley

Emma is an employee who has demonstrated grace from the very beginning. I love having her as an employee and a friend to everyone who walks in the door. We love having her at Lake Pleasant and appreciate all of her hard work. Emma is always someone who we can depend upon in and outside of the store! We Love You Emma, so proud of you!!


Ashlynn Messer

Power & Ray

Ashlynn deserves this G because she's a G!! She comes into work everyday with such a positive attitude and genuinely loves and cares about her job and Power fam. Ashlynn goes above and beyond when it comes to finding things to do or what she can do to better the store without being asked. She has shown so much grace at this store. We are so appreciative of her willingness to do whatever or to help out. Messy, we love you!


Kierra Holleman

116th & Shea

Kierra shows up to work everyday with a killer attitude, and doesn't ever get caught up in any work place drama. She’s a very good employee who could fit into any situation you put her in. Kierra is loved by all of our Regular customers, and just the type of employee any manager/crew would be lucky to have work with them.


Maria Munoz

7th Ave & Dunlap

I choose Maria for the GRACE award because she does everything with grace and kindness!! This girl is the hardest worker and the best friend anyone could have. She does everything with so much care and she makes everyone feel so happy to be at work! She always puts 100% in everyday and she’s the best example of an awesome barista!! Thanks Maria!!!


Caleb Roberts

The Edge

The definition of Grace in our newsletters literally is Caleb! He just brings this light and really makes such a difference when he is in store. Caleb exercises love, kindness, spontaneity and good will on the daily basis! Not only with his coworkers but he guests each and everyday!


Ariana Adams

Dysart & Thomas

We choose Ari because she has always been our silent leader! She picks up shifts, always shows up & she never complains! Ari is always working so hard & puts in so much effort into everything she does with a smile on her face!


Ryan Obanion

Tatum & Thunderbird

We chose Ryan for Grace because she is always coming into work with an amazing attitude and strives to be 1% better everyday. Ryan is always building strong connections with every single customer that comes by as well as all her coworkers. Tatum loves you Ryan!


Sydney Massey

Pima & Thomas

I chose Sydney because she exhibits grace in everything she does at our stand every single time she comes in. She is always incredibly supportive of her coworkers, both inside and outside of work, always willing to help in whatever way possible, and be there for anyone that needs it. She comes to work with compassion in her heart for both customers and employees, and it shows in everything she does. We are incredibly grateful to have Sydney and her caring soul at our stand!


Jacob Jones

Ellsworth Loop

Ellsworth would not be complete without Jacob Jones. Every single day, he shows up determined to make others smile and laugh. He always shares the most random facts or tells us the best dad jokes. Jacob works hard to encourage the people around him the best he possibly can! He always steps up to go the extra mile and always puts others first. We are so grateful for him. Thank you Jacob, for the endless laughs, positivity, and motivating others to be the best versions of themselves. Thank you for going above and beyond and making every shift so memorable.


Amanda Rubida

Priest & Broadway

Amanda shows up every day with the desire to serve and grow, without fail. I see her thrive making connections with every customer she meets and have watched her pour into every new addition we've had come through our store. She takes every challenging day head on, with an infectiously positive attitude and we are so grateful to have her.


Brennan Zhou

Pima & Thomas Manager

I chose this store lead, because he handles every situation with grace. Whether that be welcoming in first timers, making more connections with the regulars, or simply having fun with his crew. He is always the first person to jump in and help anyone who needs it! Definitely very lucky and proud to have him represent Pima & Thomas!


Jack Plitcha

San Tan Mall

Jake's the type of guy who can walk into a shift and change it around without saying a word. He's always the one to bring people up and include everybody. He's just here for a good time and doesn't let anything get to him. It's always a treat getting to work with him and spend time with him outside of work. He's the guy we can always count on.



Ashlyn Dixon

Broadway & Mineral

Ashlyn exudes grace day in and day out. She is one of the most patient and kind people I’ve ever met. Even on days when management may be pushing her hard she takes it and runs with it! She throws herself into every interaction with not only our customers but also our team. I believe her personal love for community and what that means to her helps her truly fuel her story. She never lets her personal life take over her work ethic when she walks through the door. We are so grateful to have Ashlyn be apart of our team!


Connor Chirrick

Belleview & Prince Manager

Connor has worked his butt off to help get the Belleview location open that he is the Store lead of. He deserves this nomination because every step of the way through this process he's done it with grace. He has high standards for his staff and the way the store gets ran, he pushes them to be the best they can be, including himself. He goes out of his way to accommodate each of his employees by getting to know them individually. We are so happy to have Connor apart of our Management team here in Colorado!


Gracie Miller

Belleview & Prince

Gracie is always willing to do what's best for her time and help out when they need it the most. She comes in to work with a positive attitude every single day. She is the perfect example of expressing grace to both customers and her team!


Kristina Darbe

Denver Tech Center

Kristina always comes into work with such a positive attitude and she's such a hard working employee! She will never do a job without knowing all the hacks and information first to ensure that it's done correctly. Even though she hasn't worked for Black Rock for very long, she's such an important part of our team and we're so grateful for her!



Kirsten McMahon

Fairview Eagle

Kirsten is a super easy going person. She never lets someone's bad day change her attitude. She is a great member of the team she gets along with everyone she works with even if they are not from her home shop. She has a way of turning around a situation with customers if they come to us having a bad day she is always positive and shows them that their day is going to get better.


Ella Hurst

Broadway & Howe

Ella is always putting a smile on the customers face and always comes to work with a positive attitude. She treats all the other employees with so much respect and is such a good friend to everyone.


Allison Reynolds

Fairview & Ethridge

Allison is hands down one of the best employees we have ever had in the BR Idaho area! Her work ethic is second to none, she brings great energy to the stand, and she is always down to go the extra mile for her coworkers, store leads and customers. She's also quite the jokester! She is an amazing example of what we all strive to be here at Black Rock and we are so proud of her! If anyone deserves to be recognized for their hard work it's Big Al!


Alice Chappell

Chinden & Linder

Alice has excellent customer service and an overall fantastic attitude. She's always super helpful and bubbly and she's gone from never working in coffee to a bar star!



Kendall McInally

Capitol & Barbur

Kenny is the type of person that within minutes of talking with her you feel the kindness she exudes is truly so genuine. She is thoughtful, motivated, and loves people so
well. She moves through any situation thrown her with patience and understanding, truly the embodiment of grace!


Kayli Lutz

Division 182nd

Kayli exemplifies grace by always knowing when to help and be a team player. She is always willing to stay that extra hour or come in for an extra shift. She has grown into such a strong and responsible barista, being able to teach what she has learned to others in an effective way to help others improve. Kayli is a key part of our team and we've loved watching her grow into the barista she is today!


Jamilie Avery

Maple 99

Jam is the
sweetest angel, she has THE best customer service. Always keeping such a
positive attitude no matter what struggles life brings. She exceeds
expectations with grace and positivity! Love you jammy jam


Ethan Barros

Halsey & 122nd

Ethan is a fan favorite at Halsey, and we believe it's because he's quick to give grace and humble enough to ask for it. Ethan is patient, forgiving, and intentional with everyone, customers and coworkers alike.


Hadley Stewart

Garden Home & Oleson

Hadley has the most calming, kind presence and represents grace perfectly. She is always looking for ways to grow and will jump right in to help without being asked. She navigates hard situations well, is always supporting her team and constantly pours love out to our customers!


Leina Garcia

99 and 71st

Leina is always putting in the extra effort to help around the stand and give customers a unique and pleasant experience everytime they come by. Her work is consistent and she is easy to rely on.


Zoey Giovanini

Beaver Creek & Molalla Ave

I chose Zoey for Grace because everything about it her is soft and smooth! Her movements on bar or smooth with little errors or spills and her soft spoken voice makes her the best candidate for grace! Love having her on my team!!


Chloe Hunt


Chloe is a valued part of our team at Augusta, she carries herself well, and she’s very personable. She’s a reliable employee and a great person to work with. She always helps out when she can and encourages others even when she’s having a rough day. We love and appreciate you Chloe!


Maddie Miller

Robal Rd.

Maddie is a true gem to our team! She is always hustling, covering shifts, catching up with regulars, and brings energy where ever she goes. Maddie is truly a great example on how to be a leader and remind everyone everything will be ok! Love ya little hipster :)


My Tungkongnuch


If grace and patience could be embodied in a single person it would hands down be My! She's a rockstar vet whose got the patience and grace of an actual Saint. No matter the circumstances she's calm, kind and willing to turn any moment into a fun exciting experience for everyone she's around. Definitely one of the hardest workers I've ever met she pours her heart and soul into everything she does including coffee!


Valerie Fellows


Valerie always has a smile on her face! She holds herself to high standards and never fails to meet them. She’s flexible, efficient, and hard working. Valerie can make anyone at work feel at home and is always ready to go where she’s needed. Valerie has unbelievable kindness and makes all of our customers feel like they are at home. She is someone you can always count on and brings so much happiness and excitement to our crew. We are so thankful to have someone who shows so much grace apart of our team here at 34. We love you Val!!!


Esther Lee


I chose Esther because she always treats our customers with such grace and compassion, she is always there to build up the team while keeping a positive attitude!


Hannah Jacoby


demonstrates grace in so many ways, she is patient and kind to everyone, as
well as always willing to lend a hand. Hannah so effortlessly makes others
feel comfortable and confident in what they are doing regardless of the
circumstances.We are all very
thankful to have her as a part of our team each and every day.


Sydney Bybee


I chose McKenzie for Grace because she is awesome! She is so ambitious, always comes in with great attitude, she has amazing customer service! And she is someone I know I can count on! Her personality is so contagious! You are always in a good mood working with her!


Amaya Malusky


Amaya always carries herself with grace in and outside of her job, she brings a calmness to everyone around her and is always looking on ways to help those who need it


Keyonah Kirkland


I chose Beka for my store lead that always shows Grace, because she is extremely patient and kind. She shows up to work everyday ready to go with a positive attitude. Beka works very hard to make sure everybody at her store is happy and heard. Beka is GRACE!


Emma Shahbazi


Emma has a calming presence in the shop that spreads to all coworkers! She has a cool, collected demeanor, and handles any problems that arise with patience and a thought out plan. Working through a busy school and work schedule, Emma always puts her best foot forward.


Emma Odenbaugh

Burnside & Division

Emma has shown she seeks to connect to her employees and customers from day one. She encourages honest conversations to help build relationships with others, where she is able to help them reach their goals inside and outside the stand.


Sam Butler

Stark Rene

From the moment Sam began at Black Rock he has shown a level of care that goes beyond the
role of a barista. Along with consistently seeking ways to improve in the workplace Sam goes the extra mile to care about his co-workers. He show immense grace for the team by having a positive spirit on and off shift, encouraging others when they need it and always lending a helping hand. If anyone is in distress he is always there to help. His sense of positivity and humility shows he cares about both the customers and people he works with and I am confident everyone who meets him would agree.


Isabella Tkachenko


Grace is a quality that definitely stands out about Bella. She always comes to work with a smile on her face and treats everyone with the kindest heart! She makes sure that each customer has the best experience, and is super helpful and encouraging to her teammates! You’ll never feel left out or lesser than when interacting with her. We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful person on our team ❤️


Grace Davis


Whenever Grace isn’t watching Marvel movies she is happy to be at work serving those in the Eugene community. Grace is able to walk into the stand and immediately bring good vibes, and is happy to help wherever we need her. She genuinely loves being here, and it shows in her natural work ethic and customer connections. Grace is always here for everyone on her team, and RiverRdBeltline is so lucky to have her (thanks Hwy34)!


Luci Balderas


Luci is one of the most kind, down to earth human being I've ever met! She really cares about the people around her. She takes pride in her job and is always ready to work.


Jonah Matt

Forest Grove

Jonah can put a smile on anyones face! He has definitely stepped up to the plate recently and I wouldn't be able to do it without him! Jonah will be there at the drop of a pen when things go wrong. He is my behind the scenes cheerleader, always telling me I've got it and that he's proud. The way he interacts with customers is beyond amazing. Super thankful he's apart of our team out here at Forest Grove!


Summer Affolter


“Grace is going out of our way to give your compassion, kindness and love to someone even if they might not appreciate it, or return the favour.“ That defines Summer and the way she manages her crew, always leading with kindness and putting others first. Her crew and myself are lucky to be surrounded by her, her kind heart and her leadership on a day to day basis.


Alexis Schellman


Lexi is an absolute image of what an ideal member of the Black Rock family is. She is kind, humble, caring and exhibits grace everyday no matter what the it may throw at he. She is always ready and always there with a smile on her face and a positive attitude and plenty of gratitude. I speak on behalf of all of Boyer when I say it is and honor and a pleasure to work beside someone everyday who shows so much love and grace for every person and every situation.


Gracie Kraus

Clackamas82nd Dr

Gracie always shows up and does her job with such ease. She knows how to be quick and efficient without losing composure. She's continuously helpful without being intimidating. Anyone that works with her would agree that she's the most graceful person we've ever met!


Allie Allison


Allie has shown nothing but grace through a difficult transition in her life. She’s kept her spirits high at work and encouraged everyone around her to keep their spirits up as well. She’s such a light in all of our lives and recently was promoted to ASL which she is doing an incredible job at. We love our Allie!


Payton Brown


Payton has stepped up so much in the time I've been at Baseline and has just been promoted to Assistant Store Lead. She's always willing to help and comes in everyday in a good mood ready to work. She never lets little mistakes bother her and continues to push through. She's a major bridge between myself and the rest of the team so she's definitely a key player at Baseline. She really does lead with grace and I'm truly grateful to have her on my team!


Madison Rainey


Maddie always shows up ready to work with a great attitude. She maintains great communication and efficiency on bar and always finds a way to keep busy in between our rushes. She’s one of my strongest employees and I’m so grateful i get to have her on my team ❤️


Brennan Sampson

Biddle Rd.

Brennan exudes grace in his willingness to help out other employees in any situation. He is always there to try and answer questions and support his co workers.


Roxy Armstrong

Harvey's TVhwy211

Roxy has been amazing addition to the Harveys family. Everyone has struggles outside of work however, she manages to come into every shift with a good attitude and uplifts the team. Busy rushes or difficult customers don't get this girl down. Instead she flips it into a good joke that gets the team laughing. Roxy is both a team player, a great friend and the person I feel represents the 4G 'grace' best.



Deja Lamar

Waterview Town Center

Deja is a baby barista at BR but is already setting the example for her team. Despite having barista experience from a different coffee shop, she quickly adapted to Black Rock’s processes and culture and is a model barista for the crew.


Kennedy Horvath

Bay Area Blvd (Webster)

Not only is Kennedy one of the hardest workers at my shop, she always shows up to work with a smile! Shes always willing to go the extra mile to make our shop run smoothly. That is why I choose kennedy for the 4G.


Halee Westbrook

Woodbridge (Sachse)

I chose Halee for this award because of her constant positivity and effortless flow through the shop. She makes coffee with pride and to me, exemplifies grace. She's one fantastic workers and a true gem in our shop.


Addison Simons

Lantana Place (Austin)

Addison always shows up happy to be at work! She always makes people laugh even when she's not trying. Addison is the employee that will come in and work a double or pick up a 7th shift without thinking twice about it because she wants to help out. She shows grace in all she does and we appreciate her so much!



Aliki Mehas

Union & 192nd

I chose Aliki because she always shows up to work in a good mood and never lets anything outside of work affect her. She is always so positive and willing to help everyone in the store. She is always encouraging us and making sure we are all doing okay!


Naomi Rhoades

134th & 20th

Naomi always shows up ready to kick todays booty! She's constantly helping and encouraging all team members, new and old! She's always turning a not so great moment into an experience for the books! We're so blessed to have her on our team!


Colette Castro

164th & 1st

Colette is a prime example of what the 4Gs embody. She is so kind, so accommodating, detail oriented and just happy to help in anyway! Everyone in the stand adores her and we’re so appreciative to have her apart of our team.


Zoe Saunders

Andresen & 88th

Zoe shows grace in every aspect of her job. She leads with kindness and compassion, always putting others front of herself. She does all of this while striving to find areas for growth and improvement as a barista and a person. Blackrock is a better place with exceptional people such as Zoe pouring her heart into her job.


Emma Goodman

Battle Ground

I would describe grace as showing other that you care and understand everyone is human and mistakes are going to happen. Emma is just that- the most caring, understanding, hardworking and dedicated friend and employee around. Her absolute love for her friends, customers and job sets her apart from the majority. Emma will always go out of her way to ensure you also feel her love. I’m beyond grateful for the love and support BG has gotten since opening from you. Your hard work has never gone unnoticed. We all LOVE you endlessly.


Elena Turcan

4th & Grand

Elena is always so outgoing and cheerful when at work. She never once complains about anything
and is flexible with whatever is thrown her way. She is always willing to lend a helping hand out whether it's at our stand or anywhere else. All of our customers and coworkers appreciate and love the energy she brings to the stand. She never once has an attitude and is always smiling.


Joy Connors

Andersen 88th

Joy shows up to every shift with a great attitude, and is always willing to help out when needed. Everyone knows if you are feeling down, joy is the person to go to for some positive affirmations ☺️


Yelena Solodyankin


Yelena lends the benefit of the doubt to every individual she meets. This isn't something she tries to do; it just comes naturally. This makes her the incredible barista she is. Customers gush about their admiration for her on the daily. Her connectedness and drive to serve others shatters the ceiling of my expectations on the daily. In the words of Yelena, “heck ya!” Let’s be more like her and make every interaction count. From all your community at Chkalov, we love you and you are truly the best!


Ellie Smith


If Ellie Smith were to be described in one word, she would be dependable. Ellie is always there for not only our store, our team, but the entire Black Rock community. If help is needed from anyone, she's your gal to call on. Ellie is an absolute rockstar superhero who proves every day that she completely deserves the 4G nomination. Sooooo proud of her!!


Courtney Borra

Mill Plain & 136th

Courtney has been working at Mill Plain since July, and she’s brought so much positivity and love to our team. She works hard and has a great attitude doing any task! There hasn’t been a time where Courtney hasn’t walked into a room, and it didn’t light up with smiles. We are lucky to have her at Mill Plain! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for her at BR!